CHELSEA v Norwich: Preview

Venue: Stamford Bridge
Date: Saturday, 21 November
Kick-off: 15:00 GMT

This is the first game for a while we can go into without having faced disappointment the previous week. Of course, that’s because we didn’t play last week but we’ll take our silver linings where we can this season. Whilst this time last season we hadn’t lost a game, we’ve lost 7 times so far this campaign and 3 in succession.
Bizarrely, this week we’re home to Norwich and any other season this would be considered a banker yet all we can do so far this season is sit and hope (or drink ourselves into oblivion so we remember very little of in years to come). Personally I’m just hoping a different set of players return from internationals than the lot we sent out there.

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Stoke v CHELSEA: Preview

Venue: Britannia Stadium
Date: Saturday, 7 November
Kick-off: 17:30 GMT

Wednesday’s game in the Champions League isn’t the only time we’ve managed a win this season and it wasn’t against the best opposition either but it seemed significant all the same. Why? Because for the first time this season, in the first half and again when we conceded the equaliser, our players responded positively.
Willian aside, none of them were all that special, yet they somehow responded to rumours of a dressing room revolt against their manager in exactly the manner we’ve been willing them to. Even Eden Hazard – alleged to be at the centre of the storm – came off the bench looking a lot less lethargic than he has in recent weeks. Unfortunately though, just when the players look like they might actually want to win for the manager, he’s not going to be around following his not-over-the-top-at-all stadium ban.
Mark Hughes will undoubtedly hope being manager-less leaves us even more fragile than we’ve shown ourselves to be already this season so Stoke can find some home form and the goal they’ve been lacking at the Britannia.

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Player petulance or board stupid?

In 2007, it was player power that saw the end of Jose Mourinho’s first spell in charge at Chelsea, fast forward 8 years and history looks to be repeating itself at Stamford Bridge.
Just as it did in 2007 with Mourinho, in 2009 with Luiz Felipe Scolari and in 2012 with Andres Villas Boas, the Chelsea players’ abysmal form is putting the manager under ever increasing pressure. It’s not rocket science is it? Chelsea go through managers in much the same way Elizabeth Taylor went through husbands – deliriously happy in the early days believing this would be ‘the one’ until the inevitable, acrimonious, public breakdowns and the just as public search for a new suitor. Read more »

CHELSEA v Liverpool: Preview

Venue: Stamford Bridge
Date: 31st October 2015
Kick-off: 12:45 GMT

Jose Mourinho has now lost six of his last 12 Premier League games after losing just six of the previous 64, so little wonder the red side of Liverpool have all rushed out for their supplies of Kleenex in anticipation of today’s early kick-off really. That’s likely to be as much for the love-in with their latest manager as the thought of their first result at Stamford Bridge in four years but they’ll be in good company because the press will undoubtedly all turn up with pockets stuffed full of 3-ply mansize.
As with anything that happens on Merseyside, Klopp’s arrival has left the hacks drooling like weaned toddlers at a Page 3 convention. Add to that the possibility of hammering a nail into the imaginary coffin they’re filling so many column inches trying to manufacture for Jose Mourinho, and the press box is likely to be bordering on pornographic today. Read more »

West Ham v CHELSEA: Preview

Venue: Upton Park
Date: Saturday 24 October
Kick-off: 15:00 BST

We might have a decent record in these games but I’m not sure how much that stands for this season. We’re about as together as Russell Brand and Katy Perry and whilst we’ve made our second worst start to a Premier League season, West Ham have made their best.
So, whilst we’ve finally put together two clean sheets, we shouldn’t kid ourselves we’re out of trouble yet.

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CHELSEA v Aston Villa: Preview

Venue: Stamford Bridge
Date: Saturday, 17 October
Kick-off: 15:00 BST

When we played Aston Villa around a similar time last season we were clear at the top of the Premier League – how things can change in 12 months or so.
This afternoon’s game against a pretty poor Villa this season should really be a chance for us to put right some of the wrongs from our own dire start to this campaign – a campaign where we look as likely to defend our title as JT is to defend his belief in the sanctity of marriage – but what we should do and will do, appear to be entirely different stories of late.
Villa then, who like us, couldn’t be having a more different showing this season so far to last, will probably see this as a possible chance to turn their own form around – that’s how much times seem to have changed at Stamford Bridge.

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Analysing Chelsea’s title odds this season

It has been an unbelievable season so far, with every week throwing up at least a couple of extraordinary stories for us to relish. The meteoric rise of Leicester City and the incredible form of West Ham United, especially against the big sides, under new manager Slavan Bilic are just two examples of how unpredictable the Premier League has been this season.

The most shocking tale of them all has to be that of Chelsea. The Blues cantered to the title last season, leading the pack all the way through from Gameweek 3. With a serial winner in Jose Mourinho at the helm, surely they were set for a prolonged period of dominance, right?

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CHELSEA v Southampton: Preview

Venue: Stamford Bridge
Date: Saturday, 3 October
Kick-off: 17:30 BST

Here we go again, it’s Saturday, Chelsea are playing so it must be lottery time – or at least that’s how it feels because we just don’t know what to expect this season.
To say we’ve had a rubbish start to this season is totally understating it but just to confuse us even more, we threw in the sort of performance against Arsenal that completely led us up the garden path, believing we’d turned the proverbial corner – only to come out against Newcastle last weekend like a Sunday league side who’d spent their pre-match warm up in the nearest bar.
So what’s in store at home against Southampton today is anyone’s guess.

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Newcastle v CHELSEA: Preview

Venue: St James’ Park
Date: Saturday, 26 September
Kick-off: 17:30 BST

After another solid performance midweek, this evening’s late game takes us to one of Jose Mourinho’s least favourite grounds with a trip to St James park.
To say Newcastle are on a bit of a poor run is probably being generous although until recently we weren’t doing any better, so we should keep in mind how quickly things can turn around. Since our bad spell, the last 3 games have yielded 3 wins and 10 goals with just one conceded.
Whilst Newcastle might be on a bad run, historically they’ve won their last three at home to us and this is one ground Jose Mourinho is yet to get a win at – let’s hope he breaks that duck today.

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CHELSEA v Arsenal: Preview

Venue: Stamford Bridge
Date: Saturday, 19 September
Kick-off: 12:45 BST

After a relatively comfortable 4-0 Champions League win midweek, it’s back to the bread and butter of the Premier League today – or should that be stale crusts and dripping given our recent performances?
After woefully inadequate games against Palace and Everton, Jose Mourinho rang the changes for our Champions League game, dropping Ivanovic, Terry, Matic and Costa. Fabregas somehow survived the cull and Willian’s early injury brought a reprieve for Diego Costa. But whilst both Cesc and Costa looked a little livelier than of late, it was the replacements who really made the difference. Oscar looked as inspired as Hazard looked jaded, Baba and Azpilicueta brought balance to our back line and Rubén Loftus-cheek showed us exactly what Chelsea have up their sleeve for the future.
That was the Champions League though and without wishing to be disrespectful, Maccabi are no Premier League side. Although Arsenal are and they also managed to lose in Europe midweek.
Let’s not get carried away though because Arsenal are the champions of pre-season and Wenger lifted a ridiculously long losing streak against Mourinho in the Charity Shield, so he’ll be up for it today. The fact he dropped Cech and took the loss in Europe midweek testifies to how much today’s game means to him.
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