European Blues

Second leg and we’re in Spain – Cup Winners semi once again. Like Copenhagen its 1 – all Will we stand firm or will we fall? A Mallorcan side so full of tricks and the Leicester game knocking us for six, Now the confidence on which we feed Deserts us in our hour of need. [...]

Always Coca-Cola

At home to Arsenal, Coca-Cola cup, Ruddi’s gone, Vialli’s stepped up. 3 times this season they’ve put us to shame, Who the hell said “it’s only a game”? Vialli’s up front with Zola and Hughes, And Wrighty’s out, that’s a bit of good news. Ten minutes gone – Sparky on the ball, He turns, he [...]

Just a Hiccup?

I’m well and truly gutted it’s the curse of Man United, I thought this time we’d beat ‘em and I’d even got excited. We outclassed and outplayed them but it’s just the same old story, Whenever they come to The Bridge it’s always ‘Glory, Glory’. As if that wasn’t bad enough – with confidence now [...]

The Ground

First a distant rumble, then louder, building up to the sound of a marching army. Stud after stud hits concrete as boots clatter up the tunnel. A splash of colour spills out, as if an overturned paint tin. Merging with green, it is greeted by the roar of a lion. Silent expectation falls around the [...]