What is Nicolas Anelka’s role this season?

I think it is fair to say that Nicolas Anelka didn’t exactly blow away the Chelsea fans with his performances after joining from Bolton last season. The French striker only scored twice following his January move and capped the disappointing start to his Chelsea career with a penalty miss in the Champions League final against Manchester United.Read More

Chelsea: Scolari Keeping His Cool


Good to see the paper’s are still on form as far as stretching every conceivable word coming out of Chelsea, from statements of optimism to threats of worldwide domination, is concerned.

Scolari says “We have four competitions this season and I will try to win four competitions” and it suddenly becomes “We can do the quadruple.” I mean, I know he always pulls the old “I don’t speak very good English” chestnut, particularly when it suits him to do so, but you’d think the British press would have a slightly better command of the Queen’s own wouldn’t you?Read More

Anelka Feeling The Pain?

Mention Chelsea’s Champions League defeat to anyone and the image the majority are likely to conjure up would usually be John Terry. Be it his penalty slip or the tears that followed, this is what most would remember. He certainly seemed to take it harder than anyone, shouldering the responsibility for eleven men with a public apology – although I never really saw the need for that.Read More

Lampard and Drogba Drag It Out As Ballack ‘Quits’

Surprise, surprise, as predicted on TheChelseaBlog recently, it’s starting to look increasingly likely that on return from Chelsea’s pre-season tour, Frank Lampard will be offered the contract he’s asked for. Or at least, he’ll be offered the staggeringly reduced rate of £140,000 for the five year period he demands. The question is will he sign it?Read More

Chelsea’s Right-back Dilemma

With the announcement that our new £16.3million right-back, Jose Bosingwa, looks set to miss the start of the new campaign with a torn thigh muscle, it’s had me asking a question I seem to have asked way too many times: What is it about Chelsea and right-backs? Left-backs, no problem – we’ve got England’s finest but when it comes to the other side of the pitch, it just never seems to happen.Read More

Robinho: The Waiting Game

This summer has seen some of the biggest moves in football taking place, although so far these moves have all been on paper. Because while the press try to excite us every day with stories about how the top clubs plan to spend their millions, in reality, it’s all moving along about as swiftly as the World Chess Championships.Read More

Player Unrest As Chelsea Get Tough!

Do the press ever give it a break? Not content with the stories around Drogba and Lampard, they go on to use Fergie’s recent comments to their own advantage. Sadly for them though, the verbal fisticuffs they’d hoped for didn’t materialise. But do they back off and find someone else to have a pop at?Read More

Mourinho Linked To Another Chelsea Move

Whether he’s after our players or just being used as a yardstick to compare the latest Chelsea manager, we just don’t seem to be able to shake our links with Jose Mourinho. At least this time though that link is slightly less direct and Mourinho’s latest bit of business looks set to quieten down any talk of Frank Lampard joining him – for this season at least.Read More

Pizarro’s Agent On Those ‘Crazy’ Rumours

Claudio Pizarro is one of several players to find himself working under his third manager at Chelsea and just like several other players could very well be under someone else by the start of next season.

Having been brought in from the Bundesliga by Jose Mourinho, Pizarro clearly didn’t impress with his two goals in 22 starts last season and Avram Grant all but forgot he existed.Read More

Mikel Plans To Fill Makelele’s Boots

Following Claude Makelele’s departure to Paris St Germain, there has been much talk regarding the gaping hole the 35 year old has left behind. The main theme seems to be around whether Chelsea really have a natural successor to fill the Makelele role in their ranks or whether the club’s decision to allow the Frenchman to leave will leave the Chelsea defence a lot more vulnerable than it has been for the past five years.Read More