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Pizarro’s Agent On Those ‘Crazy’ Rumours

Claudio Pizarro is one of several players to find himself working under his third manager at Chelsea and just like several other players could very well be under someone else by the start of next season.

Having been brought in from the Bundesliga by Jose Mourinho, Pizarro clearly didn’t impress with his two goals in 22 starts last season and Avram Grant all but forgot he existed. Now under Luiz Felipe Scolari, Pizarro continues to fail to impress and his recent internal suspension for cluttering up his room at the team hotel with women and alcohol won’t have helped his cause much either. In fact, he’s probably got as much chance of reconciling with Chelsea now as Mills has with McCartney.

Anyway, rumour had it Pizarro could be on his way to River Plate, with the Argentinean club’s president suggesting words had been had. According to Jose Maria Aguilar, Pizarro’s agent had offered him up ahead of the Apertura which starts next month. The one cloud on the horizon however, seemed to be around the 29 year old’s wage demands in the region of £2.5million a year. I’m not sure how he thinks he can command that sort of salary after a year on his backside but that shouldn’t be Chelsea’s concern next season.

According to his agent however, Pizarro’s departure is far from cut-and-dried.  In something coming marginally close to a rant, Carlos Delgado hit back “Someone was bored and released that crazy news”, well, no more crazy than Pizarro demanding £2.5million a year for a two goal return surely? But Delgado has more to say on the subject, insisting “He has a contract with Chelsea and wants to play in Europe. This idea is as crazy as Universitario or Alianza signing Crespo.”

But if you think that’s crazy, wait for the next bit, because according to Delgado, Claudio Pizarro intends to fight for his place at Chelsea! In possibly one of the craziest statements I’ve heard this year, Delgado says “Seven European teams have asked for him and I told them all the truth: Claudio wants to stay at Chelsea and it is pointless to continue talking about a move that will not happen.”

Yeah right, and maybe there’s hope for Mills and McCartney as well?

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