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Robinho Blames Chelsea But Deco Knows Better

Was it really just a week ago we saw the transfer window close, with Manchester City inheriting silly money and making even sillier statements of intent?

Well, apparently it really was just a mere seven days and yet in that short space of time, City’s newest ‘devotee’ has developed a nasty case of amnesia. Yep, Robinho appears to have lost his memory yet again. Because having already made a very public Freudian slip in his first press conference, the Brazilian is now directing the blame for his transfer to City on Chelsea. I say ‘blame’ because his latest comments make it blatantly clear he’s a little narked not to have ended up at his club of choice.

Making the mistake of talking to one of the Sunday rags, he says “It is Real’s fault that I did not sign for Chelsea but it is also Chelsea’s fault. I don’t think they managed it very well. They waited until the last minute and it turned out badly for them.”

So, clearly his speaking out publicly against the club he was contracted to at the time was a better way to ensure he signed for who he wanted then?

Anyway, on to his current state of amnesia, and the player who publicly declared his wish to sign for Chelsea for much of the summer says “My head was at Chelsea but now that is forgotten. I know Scolari is upset with me but these things happen. When I play against them I will show that they were wrong not to raise their offer.” So the late offer wasn’t bad management then eh? More that it didn’t value him quite as highly as those with ‘ten times more money than Abramovich.’

Finally, highlighting his absolute shock joy at having signed for the much less successful side of Manchester, Robinho says “City presented the offer five hours before the deadline and until then I had not been thinking of them at all.”

Who was it that said money talks? Well, apparently it was Deco, because our very own playmaker has also found the idea of Robinho making such a late decision to sign for City a little hard to comprehend. Clearly doubting whether the move was based on footballing reason, given that City’s European football is in the Uefa cup as opposed to the higher profile Champions League, Deco says “To leave Madrid to go to Chelsea is okay, but I have my doubts with respect to City. I don’t know, we will have to ask Robinho what happened. It’s not normal either to change Real for City, only for the money. Robinho has the standing to play in a team who aspire to titles.”

But then again, if it’s only about aspirations, then maybe he has signed for the right club – seeing as they aspire to snap up the vast majority of Champions League players in January anyway?


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