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Michael Essien Out Longer Than Expected?

After recent reports that the news on Chelsea midfielder looked good, it appears the celebrations over an early return were decidedly premature.

According to reports yesterday, the 25 year old, who sustained a cruciate ligament injury whilst on international duty in September, could face as long as another 6 months out of the game.  And whilst initial reports had virtually written the Ghanaian off for the season, Essien himself appeared hopeful of a much earlier return.

However, according to the latest news in the press, Essien has now admitted it could be March by the time we see him back on the field.  Essien says It’s difficult for the moment to fix a date for my return.  But I know that my recovery period will last a total of four to six months.”

Essien plans to return to London next week although right now, is at the Centre Technique Fernand-Sastre (CTNFS) in France, recuperating after his surgery, and says “The surgeon who operated on me who recommended to me to come to Clairefontaine as it’s the first time in my career that I have been so seriously injured.  It’s actually the third time I’ve come to the CTNFS. I’m very well looked after and the club doctor and physiotherapist have visited me.  I will return to London but it’s possible that I’ll then come back to Clairefontaine.  So far at the moment I’m not thinking about it much. I’m following the treatment calmly. Everything’s going well.”

Hmmmm, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see then.

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