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Robinho Still In Scolari’s Plans?

Oh please!

Did we not hear enough about Robinho’s supposed move to Chelsea all summer? And did we not have to endure a nailbiting transfer deadline day, only to come away empty handed thanks to Man City’s timely windfall?

Well, apparently not, because the press have decided to drag the whole Robinho thing up all over again and claim Chelsea could make yet another move for him in the summer.

Ok, he might well have been at the top of Scolari’s wish list and indeed, could have proved very successful at Chelsea if his performances for City are anything to go by, but has the fact that Chelsea did not value him quite as highly as City in financial terms pass the press by? And what about the fact that he’s City’s star player and fortunately for them, is tied to a contract? Are we really expected to believe they’d be happy to let him go?

Is this really the best ‘story’ the press can come up with these days?

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