Mikel To Lose Place Against Blackburn?

Only yesterday I questioned comments attributed to John Obi Mikel, with the suggestion that he had been judged unfairly, given his contribution to Chelsea so far this season.

However, it appears Luiz Felipe Scolari might not hold the same opinion because, after Mikel’s poor night in Rome, and the unveiling of Mineiro ahead of our trip to Ewood Park, it looks as if Mikel’s place could be under threat this weekend.

33 year old Mineiro has had a brief appearance as a substitute in our 5-0 win against Sunderland although was ‘officially’ unveiled by Scolari yesterday before Chelsea set off up north and needless to say, speculation is now rife that the former Hertha Berlin player could now make his first start against Blackburn on Sunday.

Following his unveiling, the Brazilian, who signed for us back in September, stated “I first heard about Chelsea’s interest in me two months ago and I was very happy because I wasn’t playing at the time and it was a great opportunity for me to come here and show my work.  I’m really happy I’m here and have this opportunity now.  In this league you have to be serious, dedicated and professional because you are competing with the best in the world. I want to be here as long as I can and part of the history of Chelsea. We have a great manager. He’s someone who is very well respected and loved by Brazilians, everywhere I go people ask about him and ask me to send their regards to him. He’s here to give his best and do a wonderful job for Chelsea and that’s what I’m here for as well, to do my best and show my capabilities. I’m sure it’s going to be fine.”

However, as for whether or not he’ll be playing on Sunday, Mineiro was giving nothing away, insisting he does not regard either Essien or Obi Mikel as rivals, stating “In my mind other players are my allies, not my opponents. I’m not trying to fight against them for a place. We are a group, it’s all about the team and doing the best for the team and that’s what I want to do.

Good attitude but I’m sticking to my original opinion that this would be harsh on Mikel.


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