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Drogba Living Up To The Criticism?



I think it’s fair to say I’ve never really hidden my dislike for Didier Drogba very well and there’s plenty of times I reassure myself that I’m justified. I mean, aside from the football – which I know he’s quite capable of when he feels like it – he’s just a bit of an arse at times. And I think I’m being generous there.

You see, he constantly let’s me down. Here was I, when he first came to Chelsea – and was getting slated on a regular basis by the way – championing his cause and saying he’d come good. He might not have been banging in the goals but he was a workhorse and that’s a quality I’ve always had a soft spot for when it comes to players. He looked like he could give a shit less and that mattered to me. Of course, we were later to hear that he actually wanted out of Chelsea from the word go, but still, the effort was there and that was to be respected.

And just as I’d hoped, Mourinho persevered with the Ivorian and he did indeed come good – very good in fact – banging in goals for fun and making himself a firm favourite.

And yet from day one, we’ve had to put up with stories about him wanting to leave – quotes from his own mouth for the most part. We’ve had his diving – which although pretty embarrassing, has been by and large forgiven because he makes up for it along the way. We’ve had his handbags on the pitch against just about anyone – even his own team-mates – again overlooked because – well because he’s Didier Drogba. And we’ve even had his ego overtaking to such an extent that a dismissal in the Champions League final was expected to be disregarded as a moment of passion. And yet still he’s lorded over because he decided to grace us with his presence for another season – not that we’ve seen much of him anyway.

And now, when he’s barely had a Chelsea shirt on his back so far this season and isn’t even match fit, his petulance is likely to see him banned for three games Chelsea can ill-afford to lose first team players for.

And this is where he lets people down. Because again, while I was being reliably informed he’d seen fit to throw a coin back at the Burnley crowd last night, I came dangerously close to defending him because the only evidence I’d seen of any retaliation to having coins thrown at him was a picture of him waving his fist after he’d scored. Ok, so there was another picture in The Sun later with him showing ‘the finger’ as well, but ‘so what?’ I thought, ‘they shouldn’t be throwing stuff at him anyway.’

However, the Ivorian has since issued a statement of apology and it turns out he did indeed throw a coin in the direction of Burnley supporters and is now likely to face an FA inquiry.

So, that’s really helpful isn’t it? Not only do we get the backlash of losing to Burnley after Ray Wilkins saw fit to shoot his mouth off about us not fielding a weakened side (so not even any excuses at the ready for that one) and Arsenal – who won by the way Ray, disrespecting the competition by fielding youngsters –- but we’ve also got to face a slagging off for the pathetic behaviour of one of our players.

And whilst Drogba might well have got away with just a yellow card last night, the fact that Jamie Carragher got a three match ban for the same thing in 2002, and the fact that it’ll be big news for the next few days can almost guarantee Drogba the same punishment.

Nice work Didier. Literally a ‘tosser’.

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