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Would Money Tempt John Terry?

I must have missed the announcement that ‘silly season’ was upon us again but apparently it is with yet another story, this time in yesterday’s News of the World, of Man City’s intent to prise John Terry away from Stamford Bridge.

We’d already been informed by The Mirror back in September that Terry was on the Arab’s rather extravagant shopping list although that nonsense seemed to have died down along with City’s push for a Champions League spot. As it turns out though, even with City sitting outside the top ten in the Premier League, the papers still can’t let this one drop.

So, here they are again, reporting City’s plans to launch a £60million bid for the player they consider to be their number one target. Fear not though, because although they’d really like to take him in January, they apparently don’t think that’s realistic. Pretty astute bunch eh? So, according to the press, City’s representatives will be chatting the Chelsea captain up between now and the summer, when they plan to make a move for him.

The man responsible for earmarking John Terry is said to be City manager Mark Hughes, who was allegedly asked to pick out the best player in the world in every position and promised that Sheikh Mansour would do his utmost to deliver them. Fantasy Football or what?

Anyway, back to Terry and the story is that City’s Abu Dhabi owners believe they can tempt him to Middle Eastlands with the offer of £200,000 a week. Because, despite his status not only as the Chelsea captain but also as the now legendary ‘Mr Chelsea’, the suggestion is that he wasn’t best impressed to see Lampard end up with a better deal than him  and a £10m a year salary will swing it for City.

You see, it’s not just Terry the Arab’s believe they can persuade, because with Roman Abramovich’s personal wealth of some £11million feeling the squeeze from the credit crunch, the decidedly wealthier Abu Dhabi Group are guessing a £60million fee might just force the Chelsea owner to give it more than a second thought. And so, in their efforts to become the ‘New Chelsea’, they’re hoping that a few million waved under the right noses will see it happen.

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