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Has Drogba Gone Too Far This Time?

Just picture it – a professional footballer and his agent being wined and dined in a London restaurant behind his club’s back, a little chat about a potential move – funny how it conjures up pictures of Jose Mourinho eh?

Unsurprising though seeing as this meeting is alleged to have taken place in a Fulham restaurant between Marco Branca, Inter Milan general manager, Didier Drogba and his agent Pierre Frelot, and Jorge Mendes – the former Special One’s agent. Yes of course, he had to be involved in it somewhere.

Not that the Inter Milan boss is admitting anything right now, which surely rings alarm bells in itself considering he’s usually pretty brash when it comes to spouting off about which of his former player’s he could take his pick of. Yet when questioned about the goings on, on Monday night, he stated “I don’t know where Branca was. I know absolutely nothing about this story. I don’t know if the meeting took place between my agent and Drogba.  All I know is that I was with Rui Faria and our families having dinner. I am not sure of Drogba’s future, but I know his history at Chelsea and the last time I read something in an English newspaper there was talk of him staying there.”

Smart move, distancing himself from any dodgy dealings this time. But it all has far too much of Mourinho’s style about it to dismiss as just another press fairytale designed to create as much speculation as possible before a Champions League game. Besides, how often have we had to listen to the Ivorian’s whingeing about Mourinho’s departure from Chelsea. And coincidentally, how well is the Portugueser getting on with Adriano these days?

And how exactly have Chelsea responded to the sort of deal that would be straight out of the Peter Kenyon school of transfers? Well, new Chelsea boss, Luiz Felipe Scolari probably isn’t all that happy to hear our physio’s latest regular has a touch of amnesia again where his commitment is concerned and when asked about Didier’s whereabouts on Monday night, suggested “I don’t sleep with Didier.  Where he was last night, I don’t know. I’m not the policemen for my players. I don’t know if he had permission to talk to them. Ask Peter Kenyon or Roman. I am only the coach.”

So, it’s fair to say he’s a little less unruffled than usual about this piece of news then.

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