Chelsea 2008: Review

JANUARY 2008 started with us second best to QPR but scraping a 1-0 win at home to see us into the fourth round of the FA Cup. An evening game at home to Everton in the Carling Cup semi was next and somehow, after Mikel had walked for a two-footed challenge, ten-man Chelsea came away [...]

Uefa President Favouring Chelsea’s Opposition?

The knockout stages of the Champions League don’t even start until February so why do I get the feeling our fate could’ve been decided already? This isn’t my usual pessimism though, because this is about something a little more worrying than that – a certain Monsieur Platini’s potential to influence events. I mean, if there’s [...]

Injury Update: Michael Essien

Since Michael Essien’s anterior cruciate ligament injury during a World Cup qualifier against Libya in September, we’ve had all sorts of predictions about his return. The news at first seemed positive, with initial estimates suggesting he’d be back by January. Then we heard these initial guesses might have been somewhat optimistic and he could make [...]

Is Lampard Kidding Himself?

There’s always a turning point in a season, usually one game you can point to at the end of a season and say ‘that was it, that was the game that won/lost it’, and the game against Fulham could end up being the one we point to in May. Of course, we’d already blown a couple [...]

Gerrard Charged: Is He Really An Example To Everyone?

Remember this statement from Rafa last month: “He is an example to everyone”. Ironically enough he was talking about Stevie Me. Yes, that’s rights, the very same fine, upstanding pillar of the community who’s been arrested and subsequently charged with assault and affray. Merseyside Police have confirmed  “Merseyside Police has charged Steven Gerrard, 28 years, [...]

Drogba Promises Surprises In 2009

When reflecting on 2008, Didier Drogba seems to be coming to the conclusion that he didn’t exactly have the best of years. I mean, for a start he couldn’t seem to make his mind up whether he wanted to be at Chelsea or not, then there was that terrible balance affliction that seemed to affect [...]

Chelsea Injuries: One In, Two Out

The game against Fulham saw the return of Chelsea’s bad luck – no, not the two goals conceded, that was down to plain rubbish defending – I’m talking about our injuries. Seriously, we seem to have done nothing but bemoan injuries for the past couple of seasons, each time thinking it can’t get any worse, [...]

Chelsea In Ribery’s Dreams?

Oh god, the press do get excited about the littlest things. The slightest little crumb can somehow be turned into a baker’s window display once they set their minds to it. Read on though, because this particular story is at least amusing, if only because of its total lack of credibility. So, here we have [...]

Gerrard’s Idea Of Celebration?

Liverpool extended their lead over us at the top of the table on Sunday following their 5-1 thumping of Newcastle. After the game, Liverpool captain, Stevie Me gloated “We have given ourselves a great chance. We have to remain consistent, that is the key. If we want to stay at the top and be involved [...]

Scolari: Is A Rethink Overdue?

Scolari wasn’t a happy chap after our game against Fulham yesterday. In fact, he seems unhappier after every passing game lately, so what’s his take on it this time? Well, having seen us concede not one, but two goals from set-pieces, the Chelsea boss says “we lost two points today. We made two mistakes with [...]