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Chelsea Shock As Alex Requests Transfer

Bloody Hell.

There’s not many headlines I read about Chelsea that surprise me but the headline I read last night suggesting Alex wants to leave was one of them.

Yeah ok, there’s been suggestions that Henk Ten Cate wanted to take him to Panathinaikos but did anyone really take that seriously?

Well, the suggestion is that Alex isn’t happy with his lack of first-team involvement having made just 12 appearances so far this season, but the man’s been out injured hasn’t he? If he’d been available for selection, he’d have played more. We’ve had both Terry and Carvalho out at one time or another and when fit, it’s been Alex who’s been called upon every time – and we’re not talking about one or two games are we? Carvalho’s barely been fit for fuck sake. What’s the problem?

Apparently Brazil boss Dunga has told Alex he needs to play more games to be considered for his country’s 2010 World Cup team but if he’s basing that on the number of games Alex has featured in this season, then that’s a cop out. I mean, we’ve played 16 games in the league for god sake and a handful of cup games. Christ, given our injuries so far this season, actually being fit enough to make 12 games is pretty good going for any Chelsea player these days.

Anyway, Alex is reported to have said “I told Chelsea a few days ago that I wanted to leave.  There are many options. But I have to think them through and see if Chelsea will let me leave in January.”

And I can only wonder if Scolari’s jaw dropped quite as much when he heard those words.

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