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Jose Setting The Record Straight Over Drogba?

So, either Mourinho was stirring stuff up for his former club the other day or the Adriano links really have been just another case of the press totally cocking up their stories again.

I suppose when Jose said “Adi will not be playing with us any more and this really saddens me, as I would have preferred to keep him here until at least June”, he could have meant the player was unavailable to him due to injury, and the press have simply ran with it. However, knowing Jose, he probably knew exactly what he was saying and was only too aware his words would generate yet more unsettling speculation for his former club.

Anyway, now the former Chelsea boss is adamantly stating Adriano is going nowhere, insisting “We have (Hernan) Crespo and we have (Julio) Cruz who are 34, 35. I need another player, and that other player for me is Adriano.”

And on the player there seems no end to the speculation linking him to Inter Milan, Mourinho innocently suggests ”I don’t want to get involved. If one day Didier has a clear situation in his life with his club – which is a club I love – and he is on his way out and I am Inter coach, Gamba Osaka coach, Red Bulls coach or whatever coach, everyone knows he’s one of my men.  He’s one of my men. Whatever club I am at the door is always open for him. But he’s a Chelsea player, a very good player – and at the moment there’s 0% chance of him coming to Inter in January.”

So he still doesn’t understand Drogba’s not one of his players anymore then?

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