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Uefa The Winners In Champions League Draw?

Is it just me or does this year’s Champions League draw look a bit iffy?

Maybe it’s paranoia but the minute I saw the draw I couldn’t help thinking how pleased Uefa must be feeling with themselves.

Let’s be honest, an all English final didn’t go down well with everyone last season and I’m damn sure they didn’t want to risk a repeat. And whilst I’m well aware that at this stage in the competition, we’re hardly going to be up against a Sunday league style side, not to mention the way the draw is ‘set-up’ with all it’s rules and regulations, increases the potential for a draw like this, but it’s just too coincidental for me.

Ok, I’m rambling like a manic now as well as paranoid, but I’ll explain:

Inter Milan vs. Manchester United – any game that sees Fergie up against Mourinho will always be a money spinner in terms of publicity, so there’s the first positive for Uefa right there.

Juventus vs. Chelsea – Old boss vs. New boss, what more do they need to fill column inches? Definitely onto a winner with this game.

Liverpool vs. Real Madrid – this one’s got plenty of potential as a ‘big game’ and it’ll hardly be shy of publicity either.

So, that’s 3 games that’ll generate a shitload of publicity right there. But what else do they have in common? Well, it’s 3 English clubs right? But not just any 3 English clubs, because right here, we have the 3 Premier League clubs considered in some quarters to be the least deserving clubs in Europe. ‘Cheats’ I think the word was to describe them. And I’m sure as far as Uefa are concerned, these 3 ties have the potential to get rid of the ‘undesirables’.

That’s why I think this draw has come out the way it has because the intention is to reduce the Premier League Clubs’ chances as much as possible. I’ve always thought it was fixed anyway but this season, there seems to be an agenda.

I’ve no doubt it’s assumed Arsenal were done a bit of a favour, drawing an inconsistent Roma side, although what I can actually see happening, is probably Chelsea and Arsenal going out at this stage – so that should piss on a fair few fireworks!

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