Scolari Ready To Fight Back?

Luiz Felipe Scolari got the hump after the Everton game and reacted by keeping his thoughts to himself. Or at least he did until the following day, when he told Chelsea TV he still didn’t understand Phil Dowd’s thinking. But to be fair, his comments were fairly calm for a man we all know has a history of making his feelings known.

So is the Scolari we’ve seen so far at Chelsea a man who’s turned over a new leaf or are we about to see a return to his former self?

I mean, since he’s been at Chelsea, Scolari’s probably not had that much to lose his cool over so maybe that explains his apparent relaxed demeanour? Although there has been our home form as well as the odd bit of goading from the press, still he hasn’t reacted. All this is a far cry from the man who’d previously have preferred to offer the press outside than joke with them.

Then again, he didn’t really have the press to contend with to start with – not critically anyway – the new style of football he seemed to have brought to Chelsea had them all kissing his arse, so he could probably cope with the odd bit of stirring on their part.

Now though, our home form brings constant questions, he’s apparently finding it increasingly difficult not to comment on refs’ decisions and the pressure’s on.

Scolari is famous for favouring a Mourinho-style ‘siege’ mentality in his teams, regarding everyone outside his ‘family’ as the enemy to be fought if needs be. And with the press writing about potential replacements already and the Chelsea boss maybe feeling the world is against him, that could be the direction we’re heading in again.

Bring on the fireworks.


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