City Not Giving Up On Terry Yet

So, not content with £100million or whatever the latest price is on Kaka, Citeh are reported to be continuing on their spending spree.

I was reading about their alleged plans to go for the likes of Messi, Gerrard and Lampard next (have they never watched them two play together by the way?) and they’ve still got John Terry in their sights apparently. In fact, The Sun tells us Citeh want the Chelsea captain so much, they’re planning a massive £40million bid for him.

Scolari however insists this one is a no-go, saying “Maybe some clubs want John Terry. Ask John if he wants to go – ‘no’. Why? Because he loves Chelsea. When you love Chelsea you stay here and finish.”

2 Responses to “City Not Giving Up On Terry Yet”

  1. they got more chance of getting s******d off by the pope

  2. plus at 40million he’d be waaaay overpriced.