Alex On Man City’s Hit List?

Citeh have already had Wayne Bridge off us and if we believe everything we read, they still have their eye on both Frank Lampard and John Terry.

Now though, we’re hearing that the richest club in the world isn’t quite finished with the Chelsea squad though because according to recent reports, Citeh boss Mark Hughes is ready with a £15million offer for our Brazilian centre-half as well.

There was certainly plenty of speculation about Alex wanting out of Chelsea a while ago although this was quickly denied by the club. However, in view of Scolari’s recent comments about not wanting anyone at the club who doesn’t want to be there, maybe there is a chance of this particular deal happening?

Besides, £15million is a lot of money for a player who almost literally cost us nothing.

8 Responses to “Alex On Man City’s Hit List?”

  1. Judging by the way he played in last few matches, it would not be such a bad thing to let him go. He wants out anyway so why not make some profit out of it?

  2. I guess I’m just concerned with the playing leaving vs nobody coming in. If Alex were to go, there goes even more depth. With the Joe Cole injury, I can’t see this team making a run for the title without brigning some quality players in… well at least not in this current form. Who knows what will happen in the future, but with all the injuries this season, Chelsea has not been too lucky. I guess we are just use to having a bunch of depth and now it seems like that is going away.

  3. MGD – whilst I take your point about our depth if we allow players to go, I really feel we need to go through a transitional period of bringing in younger players anyway, i.e if Drogba goes, we start using Di Santo more and by the same token, if Alex goes then we can start using Michael Mancienne more. And on the subject of Mancienne, with him playing either CB or RB and Wayne Bridge now gone, Mancienne should feature, These young players need to get their chance sometime and what better time than now when we’re trying to curb our previous spending?

  4. I agree with you both.

    I think it would be important for us to bring young players in. And if players want to go, Now would be the time.

    But i dont think lampard and terry will go just yet. *touches wood*

    Super Frank cant leave us.. hehe

  5. Maybe the premiership can have a 4 players under 21 rule?
    Or even better 4 british players under 21 playing in the team??
    It would be nice to see Crewe at the top of the premiership 🙂
    Seriously though, we need to bring in youth at Chelsea and everywhere else, for the good of the game and where better for a youngster to learn than playing in the same team as experienced players?

  6. This blog has got as bad as Eastenders for a laugh, my god you lot are a sad bunch.
    Peter H (Walter Mitty) has announced that all the football teams have to stop and distribute the wealth of money and talent. Funny having such a red socialistically political view on football and how he holds on to 2 season tickets for Rangers while he lives in Singapore. Does that not stop 2 real fans see their idols?
    While Dan come on to solicit a big brother pat on the back to keep thinking all is rosey in the Chelsea camp or just be a brown noser?
    Chelsea D-eluded are you starting to see how the old men are not going to win you anything another silverware free season for the pensioners?
    Think that you lot should go back to the knitter’s world of yarn blog maybe you are already on it? Please send me on the link NOT.

  7. Sham – you might want to do a bit of homework before suggesting I’ve only just come to that conclusion.

  8. Sham,
    yes you have a point, It could stop 2 real fans going but it doesn’t as I give it to them to one of my mates, so it works eh?
    I think insecurity used to make me very critical on a personal level when I entered in discussions, until I learnt that it was a discussion and not a competition I needed to win everytime!
    If this blog is as bad as eastenders, you should go to see some one about your soap addiction! (Quick as well, as it seems you don’t even like it and you continue to ‘watch it’)