Chelsea Shorts

Ok, so here’s a quick look at some of the stuff being written about us for any of you who hasn’t already seen it:   Vitalfootball has a look at the Rijkaard vs Ancelotti debate today. TheRepublikOfMancunia has a bit of a giggle at Drogba’s attempts to glamorise our defeat in last year’s Champions League [...]

Man City’s Sturridge Deal Almost Done With Chelsea?

Rumour has it Chelsea are planning to sign Man City’s Daniel Sturridge.  The highly rated City striker has refused to sign a new contract at Eastlands and having tracked him for some time, reports in the press suggest Chelsea aren’t far off getting him.  In fact, the suggestion is that we’re that close to signing [...]

The Penny Drops For Drogba

Well, well, the penny finally seems to have dropped for Didier Drogba. After years of speculation – largely fuelled by comments from the Ivorian himself – it looks as if he’s suddenly realised where his bread is buttered. Because not only has he realised he’s already playing in the best league in the world but [...]

Another International Injury For Chelsea

Bloody internationals. Do we ever get through them without collecting injuries? It would appear not because this time it’s Jose Bosingwa who could miss our next Premier League game. The Portugal international picked up a knock during their goalless draw against Sweden on Saturday and the Portugal team doctor says “Bosingwa has suffered a gash [...]

Guus Hiddink: “Champions League Not Our Only Priority”

It’s good to see Guus Hiddink isn’t putting all his eggs in one basket so to speak. Because despite us beating Juventus to line up Liverpool in the semis of the Champions League, the temporary Chelsea boss suggests the FA Cup game against Coventry was every bit as important to him. Hiddink explains “I didn’t [...]

Same Old Games For Mourinho

Jose Mourinho left Chelsea in September 2007, with Roman Abramovich’s hands firmly against his back. The former Chelsea boss had been under pressure from his boss and the press for some months having failed to deliver again in Europe and missing out to United in the Premier League. At the time, he seemed to be [...]

Ex-Chelsea Man Taking A Swipe?

If there’s one thing I’ve never liked, it’s ex-players having a pop. Ok, so Carlo Cudicini didn’t exactly slate us but he hardly praised us either. Fair enough, we didn’t exactly cover ourselves in glory against Spurs but bearing in mind he spent ten years with us and has only been in North London five [...]

Chelsea Twisting Hiddink’s Arm?

The speculation over whether or not Hiddink will still be at Stamford Bridge next season shows no sign of letting up. One minute he could stay and the next his comments suggest the exact opposite. So where are we at now? Well, right now it sounds as if Chelsea are pushing his hand further up [...]

Van der Vaart Waiting For Hiddink Decision

TheChelseaBlog was having a bit of a go at the press the other day with regards to the stories linking Rafael van der Vaart with us. To be fair though, there didn’t seem to be much substance to the comments they were using. Still, the story’s still doing the rounds and this time there’s a [...]

No More Over-30s Chelsea, Please!

Ok, ok, I expect us to be linked with a lot of players between now and next season.  There’s rumours of Abramovich getting his wallet out and we know we need a complete overhaul if we’re going to seriously compete next season, so it’s par for the course really. There’s one recent link I really [...]