Drogba And Chelsea Await UEFA Investigation?

I don’t think it’s any secret on here that Didier Drogba isn’t exactly my favourite Chelsea player and I might have slated him in terms of football and attitude on plenty of occasions this season. However, when it comes to having a go at him because of the colour of his skin, that’s just totally out of line as far as I’m concerned. And yet, reports suggest that’s exactly what the Juve supporters lowered themselves to on Tuesday night.

Our Ivorian striker was allegedly subjected to ‘monkey chants’ from a section of the home crowd and quite rightly, Chelsea want this investigated. A Chelsea spokesman says “Our record against fighting racism is clear.  At this stage, we do not have sufficient evidence to back up these claims.  It would be up to UEFA to investigate them and we would do everything in our power to assist them.”

Meanwhile, a UEFA spokesman suggests “We shall rely on those and other witness reports we receive. If what is alleged is true, there will be an investigation.”

Anyone holding their breath that they’ll actually do anything about it?


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