Are Hiddink’s Tactics Spot On So Far?

I’ve already talked about the Barca players’ reaction to us smothering their play Tuesday night, although to an extent, that was always to be expected in the unlikely event they failed to come out on top at the end of the night. But given the amount that’s been written about the game, and the difference of opinion expressed not just in the press but seemingly amongst the supporters themselves, I though I’d give TheChelseaBlog’s take on events.Read More

Heroic Terry hailed by Hiddink

Chelsea manager Guus Hiddink was full of praise for John Terry last night after the Blues managed to hold Barcelona to a goalless draw in Spain.

Hiddink’s men, including Terry, soaked up sustained pressure from the Spanish club during the game and defended well to prevent conceding what could have been an important goal.Read More

Barcelona Come Out Bitching

Oh dear, we seem to have upset the Barcelona players a little bit – mainly because they couldn’t score against us. So, in good old Barca fashion, they’re having a right whinge about it – aka, making excuses.

Fair enough, we parked the bus but surely if they were such a class apart, they’d have found a way around the bus?Read More

Win A Premium 2009/10 Chelsea Membership

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Barcelona 0-0 CHELSEA: Barca Frustrated As Chelsea Stand Firm


Ok, I’ll hold my hands up – I’m just a right old pessimist and I didn’t give our players anywhere near enough credit going into this game. I think I’d actually forgotten just how bloody stubborn we can be.

Mind you, it didn’t look good for us with Cech looking edgy as early as 2 minutes in and after 5 minutes I was beginning to think we’d be lucky to even see the ball.Read More

Barcelona vs CHELSEA: A Chat With The Opposition (Part II)

Yesterday saw Part 1 of TheChelseaBlog’s chat with the opposition ahead of tonight’s game against Barcelona. And as promised, today concludes the discussion, with our predictions and final thoughts.


Guillem:      Neither of you identified Iniesta or Lampard as your key players. You’ll see why in a minute, but I’d like to hear how you think the pair of them compares – and what role might they play in these two games?Read More

Barcelona vs CHELSEA: Champions League Preview

Uefa Champions League, Semi-final first leg
Venue: Camp Nou

Date: Tuesday, 28 April

Kick-off: 1945 BST

Here we go again then, it’s Barcelona at the Nou Camp, but whilst they’re another one of them clubs we seem to keep bumping into in the Champions League and you’d think it would be a bit deja vu, this one’s likely to be a little different from all those that have gone before.
Read More

Barcelona vs CHELSEA: A Chat With The Opposition

Ok, it’s the biggie against Barcelona tomorrow night and there seem to be plenty of opinions out there on how it’ll go. So, when Guillem invited TheChelseaBlog to chew the fat with the opposition (FCB News), it was an invitation not to be turned down. FCB News is an English language Barcelona blog run by Nic Aldam,  a Blaugrana obsessed Englishman who lives in Barcelona.Read More

Will Cech Be Ready For Barca?

We have our concerns ahead of the Barcelona game, namely the likes of Messi, Eto’o and Henry – or more to the point, how we might contain them – and a makeshift defence is probably the last thing we need. Add to that the apparent fragility of our keeper, and it’s bound to have a few nerves frayed.Read More

West Ham Boo Boys Wasting Their Breath

You have to laugh at West Ham supporters really – they don’t half know how to hang on to a grudge. Ultimately though, it’s Chelsea and Frank Lampard who get the last laugh every time.

What tickles me though is why they’ve never got over Lampard. It’s not like it would’ve bothered them to see the back of him when he moved on to a bigger club – they couldn’t bloody stand him when he played for them and they certainly didn’t rate him.Read More