Champions League Final – A Grudging ‘Good Luck’ From The Absentees

I can’t believe I’ve sat here doing a piece about the Champions League final that Chelsea aren’t even in but having missed out on the final thanks to some of the most woeful reffing the Champions League is ever likely to see – not to mention coming up against a right smug Barca fan yesterday – it had to be done.

So, from a Chelsea point of view, will it be a decent final considering it’s ‘the final everyone wanted’? Will we see the beautiful game played how it should be played or will the officials have far too much say in yet another high profile game? And what’s more, do I even give a toss now?

I guess it’s the final everyone wanted because of the sheer size of the clubs involved and the history of success that goes with them. And in terms of the football itself, they’re definitely the two most impressive clubs in the world right now.  So what can they give us?

The Cristiano Ronaldo vs Lionel Messi face-off maybe? I don’t think so. I mean, it might be what everyone’s predicting, but I reckon this game’s gonna be about a lot more than these two. Whilst we all know about Barca’s attacking line-up – Xavi, Iniesta, Messi, Henry and Eto’o – they can keep the ball, move it around a little, and generally be a bit of a handful, we also know they struggle to get past English sides without a little helping hand. And United aren’t exactly short of the odd decent player either with the likes of Berbatov, Tevez, Rooney, Ronaldo, Giggs, Carrick, etc…..

You see, for all Barca’s free-flowing football, they only seem to have one way of playing – offensively – and whilst there’s nothing wrong with that, in fact it’s very commendable and great stuff to watch, I think they’ll struggle against a more efficient Manchester United.  Because not only have United got a pretty decent front line themselves, but they’ve got a tidy midfield and a solid defence to boot –  we should know, we lost out in the Premier League to them yet again this season. And let’s be honest, La Liga doesn’t even come close to the Premier League.

Ok, so I’m singing United’s praises a bit too much now for a Chelsea supporter – and it’s not that it rolls easily off the tongue (or keyboard rather, but you get my point) it’s more the knowledge that Barca didn’t have enough to get past us fairly and I hope United get a fairer crack at them tonight than we did.

And batter the fuckers.

10 Responses to “Champions League Final – A Grudging ‘Good Luck’ From The Absentees”

  1. Cheers!

  2. You had 2 games to beat Barca !! 120 mins of football 2 different Referees and 4 different Linemens.
    So now you do not give a toss
    Bitter Chelsea D very bitter

  3. Sham – of course I’m bitter, and rightly so. you can count the number of officials as much as you like but the fact remains, they didnt do their jobs in the second leg – and anyone who has a clue about the game admits that much. Of course we shouldve done more during the game but the fact is, we were doing enough – the score reflected that – and the refs refusal to give the correct decisions affected the outcome.

    And the question was ‘do i even give a toss now?’ I don’t remember saying I actually didn’t give a toss. Of course I do, I want to sit and watch Barca lose.

    Still, at least we made it as far as the semis Sham 🙂

  4. Well for me, it was bliss to watch Utd get totally humiliated…Iniesta,Messi,Xavi and suprisingly Puyol totally destroyed Manchester’s finest.(of course stephen ireland and co. would have done a far better job in Shams eyes)
    The ageing Henry strolled past Ferdinand and co so simply it was embarrassing.
    Messi never even had to break sweat!
    Rooney was non existent, Giggs the UK player of the year was not in the game, Scholes was lucky not to get a straight red in his only action of the game and berbatov was what he is….a total waste of money!(Maybe city can get him to help on the Euro dream…or to help them survive the premiership:-) )
    Iniesta did not have to perform at the level he had to against Chelsea.
    Barcelona toyed with Utd and rarely needed to change gear.
    I am now waiting for Ferguson’s excuses…
    One thing that did not suprise me was Ronaldo’s petulence, when will he ever learn?
    Yes we lost to Barca, but any football fan would know they are great to watch and our game plan very nearly paid off….but overall the best team in the competition won it.

  5. Glad to hear that you enjoyed the game lads and that football won in the end.
    But i was more shocked at the end.
    Fergie is becoming soft in his old age (maybe your the same Peter) and gave into the “fact ” his team where beaten by the better team.
    Maybe Rafa can write him a letter explaining how Manure lost the game.
    Now only have Everton to beat you in the FA cup and i can enjoy the summer break

  6. Sham – god forbid Rafa drags out even more ‘facts’ in another press conference, I’d have thought the FSW had embarrassed himself enough for one season.

  7. Sham,
    your summer break started in January, oh sorry thats when your season finished.
    Whether Chelsea win the cup or not, they have had a great season after the turmoil from within.
    I have even the chance to watch Liverpool on tour out here and have tickets already….
    yes chelsea supporter with tickets to watch Liverpool Sham….and the facts are they finished higher than the richest club in the world also!!

  8. Barca got the el triplete, so they must not forget to thank Ovrebo for that…and I hope every Chelsea matches will not be reffed by someone like him anymore.

  9. Tickets to see the dippers Peter? shame on you!

  10. Chelsea D, unfortunately as I have gotten older I am a football fan more and more and will watch anyone within reason….
    I watch the S-League here and quite like it as it is not as predictable as the premiership…not as good but it’s all we have.
    Liverpool are coming in July and it will be a full house of over 50,000 and full of families and friendly people all mixing….bloody great and more people should experience it and that means you also 😉
    Dont knock it till you try it….and hopefully they won’t come back while I am here…only joking.