Tevez To Provide New Competition At Chelsea?

So, Carlo Ancelotti rang Tevez and he could be coming to Stamford Bridge eh? Yeh right.

Do the press honestly expect us to buy into this one? I mean, didn’t they already tell us Pato was having a chat with the new Chelsea boss before his potential move, right before he committed his future to Milan? Oh and what about Zhirkov, he’d actually signed for us – right before he made it clear he only wants a move to Barcelona. And as for Kaka, I don’t know how many times the press have all but brought him to Stamford Bridge, and we know where he ended up as well.

Still, despite all of the above, the press now want us to believe Ancelotti got Tevez’s mobile number off Hernan Crespo, gave him a bell on holiday and begged him to sign for us. And how do the press know all this? Well obviously because their ‘source’ told them “Carlos was stunned to get the call from Ancelotti but also very pleased.  Ancelotti did a great job selling the move and Carlos was impressed.”

Ok, so let’s just humour them for now. Say Ancelotti did call Tevez in Buenos Aires, bearing in mind his gripe at United is that he doesn’t get a game week-in-week-out, why would he come to Chelsea? Could Ancelotti guarantee him a place every week? Not if he didn’t warrant one he couldn’t. So if Tevez is looking for a big pay packet and a guaranteed place every week, he should go to City.

Do we really want him at Chelsea anyway? I don’t know to be honest. I mean, before he went to United, I’d have given my right arm to sign him. When he was at West Ham, he seemed like a really honest player who’d come in to do a job and he worked his arse off as happy as a sandboy. Not so sure moving up to a bigger club, with tougher competition in terms of places has put him in the best of lights in terms of temperament though.  Because despite publicly declaring his love for the supporters, Tevez appears only too happy to walk away from United in the middle of a tantrum – not the most inspiring behaviour really, and considering I’ve slated Drogba on numerous occasions when he’s done the whole drama queen bit, I’m not going to get excited about the prospect of anyone else doing the same.



12 Responses to “Tevez To Provide New Competition At Chelsea?”

  1. Well, i really don’t understand why we should buy Tevez. 1. We’ve got a good team already: we only need to think of bringing more youthplayers into our first team (wich we already have in my opinion, for example; Sinclair, Sahar, Di Santo, Mancienne, Kakuta. On top of that, most of these boys are also strikers/attacking players, so what’s the problem?.).

    2. These boys have a good motivation to show what they’ve got towards our new manager: They will feel like getting a honest chance to show their qualities in the first team (you’ve only got to give them confidence first, then you’ll get their talent together with good football in return!)

    3. Honestly i don’t think Tevez is worth the 30 million pounds MSI wants to sell him for. If united doesn’t buy, why would we do? I say, let real take care of that sort of business. Besides the financial aspect, we also cope with an team that is aging, so our youth players would solve two problems at once.

    4. Tevez = United. As a Chelsea-fan i wouldn’t be proud if we signed someone from United, i’m verry sorry for the people who think that’s harsh, but why would we sign someone for 30 million pounds,OF OUR RIVALS, while we already have good players up front and have the younger ones waiting to grab their chances. That only makes it all worse.
    (let’s hope it’s not true).

    Sorry for my English, i’m really passionate about Chelsea and would like to express myself in English, so i’ll give my best shot. But please remember i’m from Holland and only sixteen years old ;).

  2. We should sign Tevez immediately if he has interest in chelsea

  3. I think you are being totally unfair on Tevez. I saw him play for United last season at Fulham in the FA Cup where he was MOM and Fulham just couldn’t contain the guy. He was awesome and United slaughtered our neighbours 4 nil with Tevez scoring a brace and extremely unlucky not to get a hatrick. Two weeks later United played Fulham again at Craven Cottage (league game) and Ferguson dropped Tevez to the bench! The Fulham team and fans could not believe their luck and Tevez looked devastated throughout. Even United fans were mystified by Fergusons stupid decision. United embarrasingly lost that match 2 0. I think that game told Tevez something and the lad lost ALL respect for Ferguson as a Manager and coach.
    Tevez isn’t throwing his toys out of the pram he just does not want to play for a Manager he no longer believes in or respects. This guy is proven in this league and would be a tremendous addition to ANY top team. I hope Chelsea do buy him but if not I can’t see him wanting to continue playing for Alex Ferguson.

  4. I think Tevez is a player every team whishes to have. Someone who only wants to play football and winning games. Someone who works like a maniac and scores brilliant goals.
    I hope he signs for Chelsea

  5. Yes, he is a great asset…but unfortunately City has signed him!

  6. Chelsea does not need him. We need a player like Pato or Aguero, strong, fast and this two can deside a game with one move.

  7. As you stated this week ” IT’s not my job to find players” Chelsea D so now you dis Tevez cause he did not get on with Fergie ???

    Nice to doppy Dogba getting 6 games and that other clown a few too.
    So thye can sit in the crowd and wave their wee plastic flags beside you

  8. Hoddle signed Hughes from ManUnited didn´t he ? And wasn´t he a great player for us ?
    Leave the football tribalism out for a second and check out how good Tevez is…

  9. Sham,
    I must agree…Tevez is the real deal and would be first name on my teamsheet…he is not a prima donna, but a talented , hard working football player and great skill as well.
    If chelsea can get him great and I actually think he would fit in very well.
    Now I must pick myself up off the floor after agreeing with Sham….

  10. That’s my point though, whilst I’d also regarded Tevez as pretty talented and hard working at West Ham – and even when he went to United, it’s his recent outbursts that would concern me. Chelsea, like United, don’t give guarantees to any player and Tevez’s public comments, even after just having won the PL, have to raise the question: wouldn’t he do exactly the same at Chelsea if not played week-in-week-out? And do we really need another player bringing that sort of publicity to the club? I’m not so sure we do.

  11. Chelsea Alan – You forgot to mention when United returned to Fulham we conceded a penalty and went down to ten men within the first 18 minutes. Also Rooney didn’t start. It was hardly Tevez’s absence that cost us the result that day was it?!

  12. I think Tevez is a great striker with a variety of skill, he should definetly play for Chelsea, although we have alot of strikers