CHELSEA 1-0 Man United: Ref Steals Our Thunder Again!

The minute’s silence before kick-off was to be just about the only calm moment in what turned out to be yet another ill-tempered encounter with Manchester United.

Carlo Ancelotti made a couple of changes, with Ricardo Carvalho back to partner John Terry in defence and Nicolas Anelka and Michael Ballack both back after their rest against Atletico Madrid midweek. Unfortunately, he also saw fit to put Deco in ahead of Joe Cole which wasn’t his smartest move seeing as our Portuguese midfielder didn’t actually show up.

For United, Dimitar Berbatov was missing and Nemanja Vidic was on the bench, so we’d have been forgiven for thinking this might not be so difficult after all – we’d have been wrong though because from the off, we knew we were in a game. 

We had a frustrating first-half, with United having far more possession than it was comfortable to watch and if we’re honest, they had a fair shout for a penalty just fifteen minutes in with the Chelsea captain grabbing a sly handful of Valencia’s shirt in the box. Aside from that though, they weren’t exactly testing Petr Cech, in fact it was Nicolas Anelka stinging the fingers of van der Sar with a curling shot, but we just weren’t settling into the game as well as they were. To the relief of my fingernails, we managed to go in all square at the break though.

Second half didn’t look to be heading anywhere better for us really, with Rooney making a right nuisance of himself, with United turning the screw ever tighter. Then around 70 minutes in, Drogba takes Evans’ studs full on in the chest to a rendition of ‘same old Drogba, always cheating’ from the away support.  Free-kick? Booking maybe? Naturally, but in this case the foul went against Drogba – yellow card for putting his chest in the way of Evans boot. Made perfect sense really.

Or at least the ref’s decision made perfect sense considering the decision he was about to make anyway because predictably, these games HAVE to have the odd bit of controversy. So when Fletcher tangled with Ashley Cole, leaving our left-back on his arse, no-one should’ve been surprised to see us awarded the free-kick this time. Not that we were going to complain, particularly when Lampard’s free-kick found John Terry’s head and was dispatched into the back of the net.

Fortuitous? Abso-bloody-lutely, especially after Drogba looked to have fouled Wes Brown and got himself in a questionable position complete with outstretched leg. Still, shit happens as they say – and it was our turn to come up smelling of roses. The customary handbags inevitably followed with Carvalho running away from a foul, ignoring the whistle, only to be fouled by Evans – yellow card apiece and the game was getting decidedly bitchy.

Painful time-keeping from the officials saw 5 minutes added – and to say those 5 minutes felt like an age is putting it mildly.  Somehow we did it though, 1-0 the score, 5 points the difference.

Overall then, John Terry was lucky not to give away a penalty, which would’ve seen a different game and even luckier to get the winner, not just because the free-kick was questionable but also because the ball actually came off Anelka’s head before it went in.  And whilst I think it’s fair to say United were battering us, you’d have to say they were pretty lucky to finish with ten men on the field despite Evans best efforts to play karate kid.  And whilst it might not have been our best performance of the season (in fact it’s pretty clear it wasn’t), I can’t see any of us apologising for the ref’s decisions – we had the chance, we took it and god knows we’ve had our fair share of decisions go against us in the past.



CHELSEA: Cech, Ivanovic, A Cole, Terry, Carvalho, Essien, Lampard, Ballack, Deco (J Cole 63), Drogba (Kalou), Anelka (Alex, 93).

Unused Subs: Mikel, Malouda, Ferreira, Kalou, Alex, Hilario.


MAN UNITED: Van der Sar, Evra, Brown, O’Shea, Evans, Anderson (Owen, 84), Giggs (Obertan, 84), Carrick, Fletcher, Valencia, Rooney.

Unused subs: Owen, Vidic, Scholes, Fabio, Obertan, Gibson, Kuszczak.



John Terry (76 mins)


23 Responses to “CHELSEA 1-0 Man United: Ref Steals Our Thunder Again!”

  1. Well…I stayed up till 2am here in Singapore to watch that game and it was worth the wait…
    Ancellotti knew what he was doing…knew the mancs would pack the midfield and hustle the game….he knew we had the ability to beat them, even playing a little under par….
    Deco done enough,Essien a lot more…drogba was himself and a handful for an average player like johnny evans. John terry is a leader and not a great player, but he led that team well.
    There were niggly tackles and chelsea did not take the bait…well done!
    Darren fletcher could be a good player, but is a hot head and his lack of maturity showed itself several times yesterday. Andersen for them was great and worked tirelessly, both on and off the ball.
    I was waiting for fergie to bring on scholes and try and bog down the midfield even more….lampard did well with the space he did get at times and played some good link up stuff with ashley cole.
    Rooney and drogba together in one team…with Anelka behind them…now thats worth millions!
    All in all, Ancellotti would have took a draw, but he knew his capabilities and good to say a bit better than old whisky nose knew his teams capabilities.
    Over the piece…they offered not a great deal as CHAMPIONS?
    Arsenal look as if they could cause more problems with the attacking style they are playing….as they say…watch this space!

  2. Luvleee!…Just what the doctor ordered…give them boring bitter Mancs something else to whine about…Great to see them in 3rd place and of course the old drunk had to have his customary bullying dig at the officials..Pathetic old man… paranoia has really set in…he should get himself a room in the local old peoples home and call it a day…what an embarrasment he must be to his board of directors…

    Everton are due to take points next game!! Hahahahahah Oh! Hahahahaha

    Hahaha…Oh!! Hahahahahahaha mugs!!

  3. Good honest article, I’m glad to see the objectiveness of your writing. This is coming from a manchester united fan.

  4. rare honest article from a rare honest chelsea fan 🙂


  5. Speaking as a United fan, I’m just relieved Terry missed when it reallymattered. Let him enjoy his undeserved goal of Sunday, he still carries the guilt of Moscow with him every day…

    Viva John Terry!

  6. There was no difference between terrys challenge and charragers one against fulham, terry should have walked, no terry = no terry goal not to mention 10 v 11 for 75mins.

    You also forgot to mention rooney clearly onside and one on one with the keeper in the first half only to be flagged.

    Chelsea got the majority of the big decisions in the game but the universe tends to balance these things out over a season.

  7. Moscow Delight:
    “Honest article from a honesh chelsea fan .. ”
    True .. but show me united fans honesty before u grin .. 🙂

    Scott: He dint miss .. he slipped up .. Happens .. wait till it happens to a united player .. 🙂

  8. Fair enough report on the game. I was there, enjoyed the game, and the atmosphere (but the chaos at the away end getting into the ground close to kick off was shocking, and really badly policed – but thats a story for another day).
    Like you said, it was a tight game, with no real clear chances for either side, but it was intense enjoyable stuff with some quality football on show by both teams all the same.
    We didnt really get the rub of the green I thought our play probably deserved, but this isnt sour grapes, sometimes those decisions go for us, sometimes they dont, thats football. Ye got your chance, and took it, so fair play. We were glad at least that we turned up for this game (unlike Anfield a few weeks back), so I was as happy as you could be after a defeat by your nearest rivals. If we get Hragreaves fit (thats a big if though), and get something consistant out of either Nani or Obertan, we’ll be there til the end. But yeah, ye won, fair play, take the plaudits, cause if it were the other way round, we’d take them. No sour grapes on my part.

  9. Forgot rooney being miles onside and clear of any defender

  10. The way tiny tears and the rest of the players celebrated you’d think it was the cup final they were playing for. That’s how much you love to beat us. I suppose he was getting revenge from missing the peno in moscow.

    We played better, outclassed the overhyped so called diamond, and deserved a draw or even a win, if it wasn’t to some horrific refeering and Fergie picking a team that was playing for a draw, not a win. Positive thing is, we overestimated you and thought you’d be our most challenging rival this season, but after our performance on sunday, we shouldn’t be worrying anymore.

  11. just wanted to say what a commendable piece of literature, and very forthrite and honest.
    im a united fan and it is so refreshing to see such an honest post, if the tables were turned, you would be highly unlikely to see us write a piece with such honesty, 10 out of 10 mate.

  12. As a utd fan lots to take away. Outplayed n outsang u at home with it best 11 bar cole. Long way to go n got the depth of squad to see us thru, whereas yours looks a bit thin.
    On a seperate note, how bout changing the name to Stretford End @ the bridge? Sounded like it Sunday!! LOL!!

    Viva JT!

  13. Nice objective article. However some fans like jockney are jock-asses. Can’t see a damn thing without being blinkered. Not sure he watched the game. I think at 2 he was probably dreaming the game. Its a long season and the gunners look strong.Am loving it but i hate the refs. Truly i do

  14. Wow a rare decent Chelsea supporter who can see the truth in things. Good article.. I think us red would’ve felt the same if it was our free kick.
    But Cmon that free kick was bullish.. it’s like the refs are against fletch.. he fairly won the ball.. and the brown thing Im not even gonna go there because If i start I wont stop that how angry and ridiculous I felt after the game.

    Anyway blues don’t get too excited last season at this time we were 8 points behind.. and we had Ronaldo. Manchester United are stronger than we were last season, and I truly believe we have the right team to win the league.. and Im not deluded nor on some sort of medic.

    We’ll Never Die … U N I T E D

  15. We played bad I admit….but still solid all around. If UTD fans think this was the real Chelsea then your wrong.

  16. Lol .. only united fans here .. too much to crib i guess .. 😀

    1. United DID NOT outplay chelsea .. they wud have scored if they did .. ref atrocities apart .. You got no clear chances at the goal .. if this is ‘outclassing’ the opponent .. then frankly u arent title contenders!

    2. Like Lyden pearce says .. u wudnt get such an article from a united fan if the tables were turned .. enough said ..

    3. If united criticize the ref .. like they did they did against sunderland .. where they played bad .. and got a sole point ..
    rather than looking at ur own performance ..
    then frankly neutrals and others will hardly sympathise with u when u have a real case against the ref!
    get a life guys .. !!

  17. I am a United fan and I come in peace. Objective article that about sums it all up nicely. We didn’t take our chances in the first half, with Giggs having an off-day.

    We tried to counter Chelsea’s diamond by lining up the same way, and I’d like to think our midfield trio of Carrick, Anderson and Fletcher did a great job… Rather like a chess game, just a pity we blinked first, dodgy refeering decision or not!

  18. @ Visnal,

    It wasn’t a matter of who outplayed who…this is football in case you’re watching with your blue-tinted eyes.

    both teams have quality throughout, it was always going to be tightly contested and on the day Rooney, Giggs and Valencia shot when they should have made the pass, and passed when they could have shot i.e. we didn’t take our chances as I said. Criminal when you are at the Bridge.

    And we are not title contenders, we are title DEFENDERS 3 times over, so show some class b4 you carry on the bashing.

  19. Andrew – “And we are not title contenders, we are title DEFENDERS 3 times over, so show some class b4 you carry on the bashing.” Ouch, lol. Cheers for the comments, nice to see another objective supporter not scared of upsetting the masses.

  20. Bashing .. ?? Thats bashing for u?

    haha .. i wonder how u wud take a real bashing then .. 😀

    3 times over .. yeah .. but tat dosent give u the ticket to praise below par performaces like your fans are doing .. 🙂

  21. Some people think it is objective writing if you soften the blow a bit eh?
    Wake up….you are supposed to be champions and really you offered very little….even at 2am I saw very little that would frighten Ancellotti????
    Rooney is a good player, but who else from that team would get in the chelsea team….certainly not the immature wee boy called fletcher…..

  22. @ Vishal
    You seem to be a typical chelsea bandwagon fan, hiding behind your screen some where in the corner of Asia. As Andrew said, stop looking from your blue tinted eyes for while, Chelsea have played good football this season but this was not Chelsea’s best performance.

    As far as honest United comments are concerned, Scott is very right about Terry’s guilt, want some more? well here you are:

    18 titles v your meager 3 titles
    3 times champions of Europe v your ZERO titles in Europe.

    Lets see how Chelsea perform without Cole, Bosingwa and now even Lampard. Not to forget the African gang leaving for ACON soon.

    Keep writing honest articles Chelsea D! (Y)

  23. Moscow delight:

    And u seem the typical Man U douche bag ..
    I never doubted Man U’s achievement .. If u read (and re-read) the post .. i never mentioned man u is thrash ..

    All i was saying is ur performance against chelsea did not warrat comments like ‘outclassing the opponent’ ..

    Uniteds a GREAT club .. with a GREAT history .. No doubt .. But the fans .. u Guys are thrash ..

    U just read something that is NOT written in my comments ..

    Also .. Jus because it wasnt chelseas best performance it dosent mean man u(re) Outclassed chelsea .. !

    Great going .. ur grey cells seem over worked .. take some rest and yea ..

    try and grow up!! 🙂

    Regarding Scott the red .. lol .. the lesser said the better .. ! 🙂