Wenger Preparing To Do Battle With Chelsea?

What is it with Arsene Wenger eh? Whilst other managers focus from week-to-week on what their own side is doing on the pitch, the Arsenal manager seems to spend an unhealthy amount of time scraping around for something to get himself a headline out of. 

I mean, is the poor man really inflicted with some nasty syndrome relating to his back passage and the inability to let go, or are these persecutory beliefs something far more sinister? Already this season he’s wheeled out the old chestnut about other clubs having a financial advantage over his and he’s even excused himself defeat on the grounds of the opposition simply being too physical for his boys, so you’d assume he’d take some time out from these all-consuming conspiracies to spend some time doing what he’s paid for?

Well, you’d be wrong because ahead of their win over Liverpool yesterday, it looks as if Wenger has been spending his time poring over the FIFA rule book. Yes of course, whilst his players were preparing to take on the scousers, it seems their manager was concentrating on Chelsea – or more specifically examining his ‘evidence’ against us.

You see last month, as we all know, Michael Essien was a naughty boy and went walkabout with a couple of his team-mates instead of showing up for a Ghana friendly. Arsene Whinger Wenger however, isn’t satisfied with the fine Essien subsequently paid and believes FIFA rules suggest our Ghanaian midfielder should have been ineligible to play for his club – naturally, one of them being against an Arsenal side we thumped last month. I guess if Essien hadn’t played against Arsenal, Cesc Fabregas wouldn’t have given away the foul on him that saw Didier Drogba bury them 3-0 with his free-kick.  So you can see his point eh?

Anyway, the whingeing Frenchman assures us “Essien didn’t play for Ghana but he still played against us, he was not entitled to do so… We will investigate to see if there has been a breach of the regulations.”

Eat your heart out Inspector Clouseau!


3 Responses to “Wenger Preparing To Do Battle With Chelsea?”

  1. what a prat this man is. jose had it right…VOYEUR!!

  2. We know Wenger…this is the only way he can reduce the point gap and gain point.. coz his boys cant do this on the field.. give him a chance…poor manager…hahaha

  3. Yes Dave there is something wrong with his back passage…he’s got his stupid French head up it!!!