Bellamy Having A Laugh?

In my quest for understatement of the year award I’m going to stick my neck out and suggest John Terry isn’t football’s favourite son right now. His behaviour of late has seen him go from England captain and Daddies sauce father of the year to public enemy number one and not without good cause. But [...]

Disrespect Out Of Order At Bridge

Yesterday, I ended up in a position of feeling I had to defend myself against over-generalisation from opposition supporters. Why? Well because sadly, there seemed to be some very vocal supporters at Stamford Bridge intent on living up to the ‘classless’ tag. I’d read a few comments on message boards ahead of the game to [...]

CHELSEA 2-4 Man City: 2 Pens, 2 Red Cards & Not A Hand-shake In Sight!

CHELSEA 2-4 MAN CITY Well, there’s bad games and then there’s complete disasters – and make no mistake, this was the latter. The game everyone had waited for, like soap watchers anticipating the next installment after a particularly juicy cliff-hanger, even neutrals wanted to see what would happen when the stars of the show came [...]

Wayne Bridge Blanks John Terry (video)

CHELSEA vs Man City Preview: Let Battle Commence!

Venue: Stamford Bridge Date: Saturday, 27 February 2010 Kick-off: 1245 GMT It’s the game everyone’s been waiting for, for all the wrong reasons. Chelsea take on Man City – or Wayne Bridge takes on John Terry if we look at it from the media perspective because that’s what the focus of this game comes down [...]

Chelsea Gossip

There’s still certainly plenty of gossip about us at the minute, so I’ve picked out a few to give you a taste of what’s being said where. look at Jose’s thoughts on our game against Inter. Whilst the official site site confirms Petr Cech’s absence Cfcuk has a rant over yet another ticket cock-up [...]

Inter 2-1 CHELSEA: Still All To Fight For

INTER 2-1 CHELSEA Ok, I’m going to try and be as positive as I can about last night or at least as positive as I can be after a 2-1 defeat to Jose Mourinho of all people. Because let’s face it, the man’s ego is already the size of a house, so after a win [...]

Inter 2-1 CHELSEA: Highlights (Video)

Champions League: Eto’o Yet To See Mourinho Nervous

Inter Milan’s Samuel Eto’o was part of the Barca side that mugged us of a place in last year’s Champions League final and unsurprisingly, the Cameroon international is hoping this year’s competition is as kind to him. Ahead of tonight’s game at the San Siro, Eto’o says “My experience against the English was good last [...]

Champions League: Has Ancelotti Taken PR Lessons Off Jose?

Tonight sees Carlo Ancelotti and Jose Mourinho come face-to-face in our Champions League tie against Inter Milan, so after butting heads in the press all week they’ll get to do it in person. Not that that’ll be a new thing for them because they weren’t exactly best mates in Serie A anyway. Still, determined to [...]