John Terry’s sacking: Bold Decision or Bottle Job?

So John Terry is no longer the England captain.

Following a 12 minute meeting with Fabio Capello today, Terry was relieved of his duties as England captain. No great surprise there really because if the recent media circus following his off-pitch affairs wasn’t enough to convince Capello, then the England manager’s bombardment from the press on his return yesterday and additional allegations in today’s press would certainly have swayed his decision.

In a statement following the meeting, Capello says “After much thought, I have made the decision that it will be best for me to take the captaincy away from John Terry. As a captain with the team, John Terry has displayed extremely positive behaviour. However, I have to take into account other considerations and what is best for all of the England squad. What is best for all of the England team has inspired my choice. John Terry was notified first. When I chose John Terry as captain, I also selected a vice-captain and also named a third choice. There is no reason to change this decision. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the FA, particularly (chairman) Lord David Triesman and (chief executive) Ian Watmore, for allowing me to make this decision in my own time and in the best interest of the team.”

So, as Capello points out, Rio Ferdinand steps up to take the captain’s role with Stevie Me as vice-captain – make sense to you? Doesn’t make sense to me to be honest.

Don’t get me wrong, I have no problem with Terry losing the captaincy – although think he’d have been better off resigning it than being sacked – what I don’t understand though is Capello making no other changes to his leading men. Not that I’m all that bothered about Rio stepping up but a shrug of the shoulders isn’t exactly the same thing as being behind your international captain is it?

Ok, so he missed a drug test in the past but even I’d have to admit that was enough years ago to make no difference now. What puzzles me though is that he’s barely put a pair of boots on for his club this season so is he even likely to make the World Cup? Probably not. And then that leaves us with Stevie Me wearing the armband. Do me a favour. He might not have shagged his team-mates wives/girlfriends (as far as we know) but if Capello’s taking these decisions from a ‘professionalism’ point of view, then role modeling this definitely isn’t.

Personally, whilst Capello clearly didn’t have much choice when it came to taking the captaincy away from Terry, he did have a choice over who replaced him but that’s where he bottled it. He might well have made a bold statement when it came to the sort of behaviour he expects from a captain but when it came to putting in someone who could really take the team forward for the World Cup, it was all a bit of a predictable whimper really.


20 Responses to “John Terry’s sacking: Bold Decision or Bottle Job?”

  1. sven hump-all eriksson cheated n they kept him openly, sacking JT is acting like a rapist on a moral high horse. Capello can go fuck himself 50 times !

  2. how many times has been said : EX, ex you fucking moron, i hope u will be sacked soon. u dont cheat? my ass!

  3. my support is with JT n the fact that he is being treated like a public enemy for no criminal acts made me puke! as a blues supporter i will not discard his contributions to chelsea. leave him alone capello! dont use JT to show the world how noble u are when u r not. the only difference is that u r not caught! u fucking moron!

  4. Terry’s massive contract at Chelsea was negotiated with his status as England captain very much to the fore. This was a key element in justifying his demands. I wonder if any of his contracted pay is linked to holding that position.

  5. capello gona pay for this! england not winid world cup no more!

  6. Capello should be worried now – Terry might just fuck his wife next. He has no morals whatsoever, you never know, he might have also slept with other England teammates’ wives!!!!

  7. Sir Cecil – I can’t see Chelsea taking this any further and don’t see why they should either. What’s done is done. He fucked up and he’s paid a price in terms of his England career. Clearly his missus doesn’t have a problem with his behaviour, so he just needs to keep his affairs away from football next time.

  8. well i’m a united fan and i still think the decision was unfair.terry is a great leader. maybe it was inevitable for terry to lose his captaincy but rio surely isn’t a right choice.he has not played regularly for over a yr now and should not have been made captain.

  9. JT deserved to go, as a chelsea man it pains me to say it but he is a repugnant character..
    his house of cards was gonna fall sometime and it seems to be now..
    great decision Fabio. Terry deserves everything he gets and more

  10. im a huge united fan and I think its unfair on JT to be axed, his private life is seperate to his work, Im made up for Rio to be captain as I think he is just as good as JT and wont let anyone down but its a big shame a news paper has cast a shadow ove JT’s England career, im just glad that scouse twat didnt get it but arent we all! lol!!

  11. We are the only footballing nation in the world where JT would have been picked as captain in the first place. Capello got drawn in by all the “British/English Bulldog” cr@p.

    Rio’s back now, got 4 months of football ahead of him before the World Cup, no dramas re him being ready or not. He’s a miles better footballer than John “go on John kick it John hoof it John” Terry, and doesn’t cry at penalty shootouts, nor wet the bed like JT.

  12. Do you think Terry may be targetting Drogba’s gf/wife next? hahahahahahahahaha!

  13. Well done capello, at last we see some morals in football.

  14. Do you think Wayne Bridge has brought his kid to do a DNA test? For all you know, Terry’s the real father! hahahahahah! In fact, I think anyone who knows Terry better bring their kids to do a DNA test, he’s a real joke who should be AXED from England totally.

  15. Terry deserved to lose it. I’m Dutch and have been a Chelsea fan since Ruud Gullit was manager. Never have we had a player who had so little class off the field.

  16. so okay, capello stripped JT of england-captaincy for having an affair with a team-mate’s-ex… but giving the arm band to a manc-scum bag who just got suspended for elbowing another player in the face seems like another csnfifsyr eiyh liyylr moral comapass…

  17. JT is a disappointment to chelsea fan.. just because he cannot take care of his moral.. More will come on matchday where the opposite supporter will jeer him to pieces.. I dont know how long he can take all those jeers… Sorry JT youre out of class..

  18. Unfortunately the England Captain’s position is one of honour which should be held be someone with morals. Crybaby Terry seem to have none of these, he has been proved to be as bad as his family with his ‘guided tours”rented private box’ etc. all to make a few extra quid for a greedy bugger who already makes more than all of us. it transpires that he is also not adverse to dropping his wick into anything that will let him.
    I am amazed that you Shed heads haven’t realized yet that your skipper will soon clear off to Shitty City where the real bucks are supposed to be and on the case of playing for England …. don’t even think he is good enough against faster opposition….. He is ok against mediocre sides but when up against faster international players they know to get him turning back to goal and he is bollocksed.
    Cappelo has called it right and all you deluded Terry fans out there should start backing the England team now that it is to be led by the right man. not Ferdinans fault that Terry has been a twat, worse still a twat and got found out. I mean fancy shagging a tart that has been through half the Chelsea team…… Prize Idiot.

  19. Man Utd fan here and you’ll be surprised to know that I agree with you. Not about the sacking of TT but the appointment of Ferdinand. He hasn’t played much this season and will be banned for the next month for elbowing a fellow pro. But tbf who should have received the armband – Gerrard? no, Rooney – too much pressure on him. Lampard? needs to concentrate on his own game not others. So Ferdinand may have been a cop out but there are no viable alternatives.

  20. capello is a media’s bitch. motherfucking bitch!