Chelsea Getting Credit Where It’s Due? Don’t Be Daft

Our 12 goals in three days might have boosted our goal difference above United’s, leaving us just 18 away from 100 in the league (117 overall) so far this season with an average of more than 2.5 goals a game in the league but heaven forbid we should get any credit for it eh?Read More

The Beauty Of Hindsight

Hindsight is a funny old thing eh?

Before our game against Villa at the weekend, Carlo Ancelotti was threatening to give up smoking for longer than the course of a game if we overcome our crisis of confidence enough to lift the Premier League trophy this season, stating “I said that once before, at Milan, when I promised myself I would give up if we won the Champions League in 2007, but I never said when (I’d quit).Read More

A Lot Of Fuss About Nothing

How much fuss did a couple of nothing incidents in our game against Pompey cause eh?

It’s a man’s game and yet, when we put a bit of fight into a performance, we’re all but accused of GBH. What’s that all about?Read More

CHELSEA 7-1 Villa: Easy Does It Ahead Of United


That’ll teach me to make predictions won’t it?

Ok, I know we’d done Pompey 5-0 midweek but there’s no way anyone could’ve seen us dicking Villa in quite the manner we did. Personally, I thought we’d be lucky to come away from this one with a draw, having said that, I don’t think I’ve ever been happier to be proved completely wrong.Read More

CHELSEA 7-1 Aston Villa: Highlights (video)

Read More

Terry can’t believe Arsenal are back in it

Chelsea have defeated Arsenal home and away this season. Not only did they beat them, but they did so convincingly on both occasions. In the aftermath of each game, Arsenal’s title challenge was written off as a bridge too far.

However, the Gunners now find themselves just one point behind Chelsea and two points behind current leaders Manchester United meaning that it is very much a three horse race for the title.Read More

CHELSEA vs Aston Villa: Preview

Venue: Stamford Bridge

Date: Saturday, 27 March 2010

Kick-off: 1500 GMT

After the downer of going out of the Champions League to Inter and dropping points we couldn’t afford to drop against Blackburn in the league, our game in hand against Pompey midweek saw us finally come away with a pretty convincing win.Read More

Portsmouth 0-5 CHELSEA: A Timely Rout


So, it was former versus current Chelsea boss, and Avram Grant played it fairly safe with a defensive line-up whilst Carlo Ancelotti seemed to be looking for an improved attack, dropping the out of sorts Nicolas Anelka to the bench in favour of Daniel Sturridge. Deco also got his first start since early February, Zhirkov replaced the injured Ivanovic, on the positive side Petr Cech made a return although less positively, for some reason the Chelsea boss put Carvalho back in ahead of Alex.Read More

Portsmouth vs CHELSEA: Preview

Venue: Fratton Park

Date: Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Kick-off: 1945 GMT

Right now we’re sitting 3rd in the table behind both United and Arsenal, which pretty much reflects what’s happened to our form of late. Tonight’s game in hand against Portsmouth gives us the chance to make up a bit of the ground we’ve lost although going on our last couple of games, I won’t be holding my breath.Read More

Chelsea: Where’s The Problem?

I’m seriously losing the will to live this season.

If we do manage to get our act together anytime soon – and I’m really not convinced we will – it’ll be too late the way we’re dropping points. And given the games we’ve got coming up, Blackburn wasn’t one I’d bargained on us cocking up.Read More