Liverpool vs CHELSEA: More Build-up Gossip

Unless you live in a cave, you’ll know Chelsea face Liverpool in a game that could feasibly decide the destiny of this season’s Premier League title. So looking around the various sites, here’s who’s saying what right now:

The Guardian suggests we could be without our holding midfield player for the game.Read More

Uncertain times for Joe Cole

Ask Joe Cole where he might be this summer and he won’t have a solid answer for you. Ask Joe Cole where he will be playing his football next season and he might hesitate before telling you he is unsure. Yes, as the title to this article states, there are uncertain times ahead for the Chelsea midfielder.… Read More

Steven Gerrard on Taking It Through The Back Door

Remember back in the summer when Liverpool thought this would be ‘their year’? Oh wait though, because they think that every summer don’t they? Read More

Views On Liverpool & The Title Race

With just a couple of games to go now and only a point in it, obviously everyone’s got an opinion on where this season’s Premier League title is heading. Read More

CHELSEA 7-0 Stoke: Pressure, What Pressure?


The one thing we can always count on as Chelsea supporters is to expect the unexpected and yesterday’s result definitely counted as that after last week’s poor performance against Spurs. There weren’t many changes in personnel and yet it was a completely different side that stepped out at Stamford Bridge to face the usually resilient Stoke side.Read More

CHELSEA 7-0 Stoke: Goals (video)

Kalou 1-0

Kalou 2-0

Lampard 3-0

Kalou 4-0

Lampard 5-0

Sturridge 6-0

Malouda 7-0

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Drogba’s Plea For Home Support

Remember the days when you could hear the home support at Stamford Bridge? Remember when all the preparation required to clear our lungs was a few pints – before the prawn sandwich and chardonnay brigade arrived? Well Didier Drogba might not have been around to remember quite that far back but he’s obviously heard tales from the good old days because he fancies a piece of that.Read More

CHELSEA vs Stoke: Preview

Venue: Stamford Bridge

Date: Sunday, 25 April 2010

Kick-off: 1600 BST

With Spurs failing to put in the same sort of performance yesterday as they did against us, United’s win has seen us slip back into second place and our goal difference trimmed to just the one. Obviously we can still win the title as long as we win our remaining three games but that’s easier said than done, especially against a resilient Stoke side.Read More

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Stoke Confident Of Deciding Title Direction Against Chelsea?

It’s Stoke up for us this weekend and Potters coach Mark O’Connor seems pretty confident of a result against us. I’m not going to knock him for that though because in all honesty, anyone would write us off after the way we played against Spurs last week.

A lot of O’Connor’s confidence though, seems to come from Terry’s sending off last weekend, with him believing Terry’s subsequent ban for this weekend could make all the difference, saying “I don’t think they’ve got other players of that ability.Read More