Chelsea Gossip: Transfer Latest

On the Joe Cole front:

Fanhouse Uk tells us why Cole shouldn’t let money get in the way of a move away from Chelsea. tell us a bid for Benayoun means Joe Cole is definitely on his way out.

Bleacher Report hears from one red who definitely doesn’t fancy Cole at United.Read More

Mourinho To Raid Chelsea Over The Summer?

Jose Mourinho is set to be introduced as the new Real Madrid manager today and if we thought the circus had already come to town following his Champions League win with Inter, it seems we’ve barely even seen the sideshow so far. Read More

Would Cole Get What He’s After At United?

It wasn’t all that long ago TheChelseaBlog ran an article grudgingly accepting everything was pointing to Joe Cole moving to United this summer. That particular story seemed to die down a bit, with Spurs and more recently West Ham given higher profile links in the press. However, the last day or two has seen the United rumour resurface.Read More

Good Or Bad News For Chelsea?

A week ago, TheChelseaBlog was worrying about Michael Essien being at risk if he went to the World Cup but as it turns out, that won’t be a problem because he won’t be going.Read More

Chelsea Gossip: Transfer Updates

Everywhere you turn there’s yet another transfer story to make your mind up about, so today TheChelseaBlog has narrowed them down a bit. Here’s what’s being said right now;

The Transfer Tavern tells us Suarez is a potential target

TeamTalk tells us why Torres won’t be coming our way

The Daily Mail brings us bad news about Aguero.Read More

Doubly Wrong For Chelsea

The rumours linking us with Javier Mascherano and Yossi Benayoun seem to be gathering pace now – in fact, with quotes from Benayoun to back this particular story up, it’s almost at a gallop.Read More

Silver Lining For Michael Ballack

The one silver lining with Michael Ballack being out of the World Cup could be that it’ll give him the time to sit down and thrash out a new contract with Chelsea.

The Chelsea midfielder had a decent finish to the season and despite his age, is still well worth having in the squad.Read More

Mourinho Just Can’t Leave Chelsea Behind

We all knew he was going to Real and before it’s even announced, whilst he’s still technically Inter’s manager and Real still have a manager in post, there he is going on about winning La Liga. To be honest, I’m really not interested in what Mourinho does now, as long as our players aren’t brought into his equation.Read More

One Out, One In From Spurs?

With one of our midfielder’s rumoured to be heading to Spurs, we’re hearing the club plan a £26million bid to bring one of theirs in the opposite direction. Read More

Joe Cole Ready For Move Now?

The Joe Cole transfer saga has dragged on and on, initially with our midfielder alleged to be waiting for a decent offer from the club. However, yesterday we were told he’s at last been offered a contract worth around £100,000 a week – and he’s set to turn it down.Read More