Situations Vacant: English Manager With A Clue & 11 Team Players

Well, that was a disaster yesterday wasn’t it?

I’m not really sure ‘gutted’ quite covers it though. There I was before the game, up on my soapbox again, putting the country to rights for not getting behind the lads. I know we hadn’t convinced anyone in the group stages but I’d maintained that isn’t unusual for us and we’d come good if the support was there.

Not that even I had ridiculously high expectations for our campaign, I just wanted the players to give a good account of themselves – not much to ask you’d think? But you’d be wrong because giving a good account of themselves was beyond our players it seems. I’m not going to sit here and slag them off though – I don’t doubt there’s thousands out there only too happy to do that anyway. I’m just accepting that as a national team, we’re way off good enough right now.

Who do we blame as a nation though – the players who manage to turn it on every week for their clubs but can’t translate that internationally? Or the manager everyone seemed to have such high expectations of when he came into post? Well, everyone except me it seemed at the time.

Certainly you’d think the Premier League’s top English players are selling us short when their club and country form are absolute poles apart but then again, the circumstances they play in are vastly different. They don’t have the same players around them for a start, so that’s bound to effect their game but every team out there will be subject to that, so how come everyone else learns to deal with differing resources and our players don’t?

Maybe it just makes it harder when they’re not all played in their best positions, not to mention not even knowing they’ll be on the field until 5 minutes before they get on the bus. I mean seriously, what did Capello ever think he’d achieve with that sort of tactic in the World Cup? If he thought it’d ‘keep them on their toes’ he couldn’t have been more wrong because it just isn’t possible to psych yourself up and get your head ready for games as big as these in that sort of time.

I just didn’t get Capello from the start anyway, while everyone else seemed to be singing his praises for his ‘brave’ decisions, I wasn’t buying it because where England were concerned, he was completely detached. Think about it though, it wasn’t just because we’d got another foreign manager but he’d also never managed in England. In short, he had no affinity with the country whatsoever. To me, that’s the impression anyone watching England yesterday would have got from the majority of our players as well – with the exception of the spell after Frank Lampard’s goal had been disallowed, there was no passion. Yes, individually they might well have been focused on what they saw as their own games but collectively they were about as together as the Coles.

And going back to the goals, you’d have thought Capello would have had more than enough ammunition to get the lads keyed up at half-time but unless he said “just spend all your time in their area, don’t worry about counterattacks and don’t wear yourselves out chasing back”, then whatever he said wasn’t translated on the pitch. And maybe that is what he said because Frank Lampard was quite right in his view of it later when he said that after the ‘goal’, ultimately it was their focus on getting the ‘equaliser’ that caught England out.

It was soul destroying for a supporter to watch and whilst I really want Capello out of there, on some level the players need to have a look at themselves as well. Then again, I’ve no doubt the post mortem in the press will help them do that!


3 Responses to “Situations Vacant: English Manager With A Clue & 11 Team Players”

  1. The English press hyped the team beyond their capabilities and the players lapped up the adulations and believed every single word. Well, the press were right, England had a WORLD CLASS Manager ( Capello ), had WORLD CLASS PLAYERS ( Rooney, Lampard, Terry, A. Cole e.t.c. ), and so, were WORLD CLASS. Yes, WORLD CLASS FLOPS.

  2. The performances in all the games were pretty clueless, yes even the Slovenia game which could have quite easily gone pear shaped, it was only a matter of time before England played a half decent team and got punished.
    Let’s just forget Lampard’s ‘goal’ because by that stage England could have easily been 3 or 4 down. Is it Capello? I’m not sure if it‘s his fault, but he picks the squad and the team & tactics so I guess he will probably walk (with a nice pay cheque) but just look at some of the players, How many truly World Class players do England have? maybe it’s time for a reality check, Capello had so little faith in the squad he brings back Jamie Carragher, please! he would have brought Scholes back too, but he obviously saw what was coming and didn’t want any part of it.
    The goalkeeping situation is a mess, David ‘Calamity’ James earned that nickname for a reason and was only upstaged by Robert ‘butterfingers’ Green.
    I don’t know what the answer is, but I do know it’s a right mess! I know one man who could sort it out, but he’s just taken over at Real Madrid.

  3. Well I am not really fussed about international football but I did look at the team before yesterday’s game and elected not to watch as the game was already lost. Rooney always plays as one up when Man Utd play in Europe and the CFC players are also used to this system – so why play outmoded 4 4 2? Also why did he take Carragher only to play a third rate pikey on the left side of the centre backs thus forcing JT out of position.

    On a point of individual criticism, I understand that IckIe Me was constantly coming inside again leaving Cole exposed. I don’t know, and largely don’t care, what the answer is for England, but for those who do care I would suggest a manager able to communicate in English and able to adapt the style of play according to need are pre-requisites.

    One final point, is anyone else like me sick of listening to Alan Green pretending to be English and giving us the benefit of his wise counsel “I would sack all 23 of them ” was his comment on 606 yesterday – and play who exactly?