Should John Terry Really Leave The Country?

Ouch, after the way his World Cup went, you’d think John Terry would want to take a bit of time off and forget it in the way JT usually does.

Unfortunately for our captain though, not everyone is prepared to let him forget it. No, no, I don’t mean Stevie Me has been calling him to carry on their alleged ‘feud’. This time, the bitching has come from outside the England camp, with Argentina’s Martin Demichelis taking a pop at the Chelsea captain.

In the wake of England’s exit – and what was a pretty dire defensive display from Terry, the Argie defender says “Seeing the way Terry played against Germany, if I was Terry I wouldn’t be able to go back to my country. I’m strong but I’m not a masochist so I don’t read every criticism about me. I know that when the team is playing well there are always people who look for a weakness, for example me, but I know I can overcome this bad moment.”

I mean, we know what they’re like in Argentina because Tevez has already told us how they’d deal with someone like JT over there but it’s a bit harsh on the strength of one bad performance isn’t it? Don’t get me wrong, I was stunned at just how badly JT was against Germany. I’d just been bigging him up after his heroics against Slovenia and then he goes so badly AWOL he might as well not have been on the pitch.

But leaving the country? You’d have to say Demichelis might be prone to a little over-exaggeration! Leaving the club however…….well, we’ll leave that particular rumour for the press to play with.


8 Responses to “Should John Terry Really Leave The Country?”

  1. well…i guess demichelis wo’t be able to go back to his country now. lol.

  2. Be funny for someone to bring this up now they are out conceding just as many goals

  3. well demichelis cant go home now said it himself.

  4. The over-reaction is typical but nobody should be surprised

    I want Terry on my team PERIOD and we have shown over his career that he MAKES US BETTER PERIOD

    Let others hate him while we continue winning titles with him

  5. terry is far far better dan demechelis,who is demechelis,i cnt 4get wat milito did 2 him in champ leq final

  6. demechelis sud not go home,if he do is a bastard

  7. @Gious: Perhaps, you would also consider allowing JT to warm your bed while you are out of the country.

  8. JT always my skipper kum rain kum shine blues oneness