POLL: Where Should Joe Cole Have Gone?

After failing to accept Chelsea’s final offer on a contract, Joe Cole was linked with moves to Arsenal, Manchester United, Spurs and Liverpool. Having spent seven years playing for the team he grew up supporting, winning the Premiership title and several trophies, you would think Cole would have been more than content with his career.

However, after signing for Liverpool, a team we have really grown to hate, Cole seems to have stuck the knife in to fans who always stood by and respected him.

He claims that moving Liverpool is “a dream come true”, that his new club are “massive” and “the biggest in the country”. He reckons their atmosphere, which our fans mocked during our last European night there, makes it a “no-brainer” to join them. He fails to mention that Liverpool were the only club to offer him a four year deal on “massive” wages though.

From the point of view of a Chelsea fan, is signing for Liverpool for the money the worst thing he could do? Or would it have been more painful seeing him trying to help Manchester United win the league? Or seeing him trying to fit in with Wenger’s kids? Or playing for ‘arry at White Hart Lane? Or do you honestly just not care what happens to our former players once they leave Stamford Bridge?

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  1. Hello Liverpool fan here

    How come you Chelsea fans have grown up to “Hate Liverpool” I didnt grow up to hate Chelsea and still dont know. I think the rivalry is healthy and it is great competition. I am not being big headed but we are a massive club and there is only Real Madrid, barcelona and Manchester United in the same league when it comes to support, history, and trophies won.

    I am being honest now, I would be upset if Liverpool had an owner that bought so many players with his own money. It is a little embarrassing to get to big headed like Man City have because of the wealth of their owners. When this rule comes into play in 2012 that states clubs can only spend what they earn, this will help the league see who are the true, moral and decent clubs in the premier league!

    All the best

  2. Hahah.. You chavs are all the friggin same. No class. Of course he would choose the greates club in England. You guys will gone and forgotten in 10 years, when abramovich decides hes enough of his little plaything, you will go back to the trenches from whence you came, whilst we will always remain the greates club in England. Enjoy your success while it lasts.

  3. Tony – I didn’t say I had grown up hating Liverpool.

    I am being honest now, I think you would be very happy if you had an owner and manager that had helped you to win just one league title in the past 20 years. It is a little embarrassing that a club which claims to be the biggest in the country has gone two decades without winning the league, something the likes of ickle ol’ Chelsea and Blackburn have managed to achieve.

  4. You’re just gutted Chelsea gave Liverpool £5.5M + Joe Cole for Yossi Benayoun – a player with his own injury problems and who’s nearly 2 years older than Cole…

  5. I posted a reply on this site not so long back because you chavs keep banging on about where should joe have gone, why did he sign for liverpool blah blah blah so lets put it straight, where should joe have gone? Simple answer, Liverpool, which is why he is there now, and why you ask? Look at the clubs history and you will find the answer (if you can read that is) this is the worst football club blog site I have ever been on, it doesnt help that thick people are posting. I think its best you dont care about your former players and just move on.

  6. oh will you lot get over it, I cannot believe the amount of fan sites with all this drivel from Chelsea fans….you will always be behind Liverpool, Man-Utd and Arsenal in terms of club stature, unfortunately it takes more than 6 years of success to earn the right to be mentioned in the same breath…once Roman has had his fill of you he will move on and you will be back to mediocrity once again!!!!

  7. Oh and by the way, it took you 50 years to win your first league title and since then you have won 4 of them 4 league titles in 60 years, would you see that as acceptable, you are right, you are still little ol chelsea and you always will be and when you have won 18 league titles and 5 European cups, let us know yeh, because you and I will be long dead before that happens.

    Cheers 🙂

  8. Ref KopThis Mate….

    No class? Which set of fans were burning Gerrards Shirt when it looked like he was going to sign for Chelsea? Who robbed their own fans in Athens? Who throws urine and excrement on away supporters?

    Class, you havent got a clue.

  9. UNITED in da hooooouse!!
    kopthismate when did abramovich tell u this?? can u arrange a meeting with him as i have a business proposal?
    I think that Liverpool were the only club that were naive enough to pay joe cole what he wanted. thats y it will show what a dumb move it was on shitterpools behalf.
    All in all.. u will walk alone.

  10. Bruv!
    Bitter is not only a drink sold in pubs! Chelsea have no history worth mentioning before Abramovic when players like Shevchenko, Kezman, Cashley Cole, Crespo all came to you “for the money”.

    Liverpool still have the most trophies than any club in England, therefore they are the biggest club in English history with Man Ure our only close rivals.

    If you’ve gron to hate us that is simple because of your own defiencies particularly in the Champions league, where we have 5 trophies and you have none!

    Get over it and move on…how is Petr Cech by the way?

  11. I am a through and through Liverpool supporter, and I honestly think he has moved for football reasons other than money, no one really knows how much a player is really getting paid it’s all paper talk.

    Yes Liverpool have a history only Man Utd can come close to saying they are on the same level, to be honest Chelsea are in comparison small fish that would have went out of business all together if it wasn’t for Roman Abramovich then you wouldn’t have signed all the players you had, and there will be a time when he has had enough and will go and then you will be back at square one with no money and a massive wage bill, the same will happen with Man City.

    So Liverpool despite having no money are a bigger club than Chelsea and Arsenal and every other club in England for the fact of our history, you earn the reputation you can’t buy it, having a bottomless pit of money doesn’t make you a massive club which I think Chelsea & Man city now think.

    I don’t begrudge Owen for joining Man Utd at the end of the day he had a chance to try revive his career so why not?Players leave because they don’t want to play for the club anymore….and it’s that simple.

    Cheers Kingsly

  12. After the question was asked where he should have gone I was looking for the option HELL but it wasn’t there.

  13. guys …gud to read some of d comments… Actually Liverpool is one of the biggest clubs around, no one can question that. Infact i always felt liverpool never had a good manager in the premier League era to actually win it. They surely do hv the players to win it (as seen in d 08-09 season) … Well chelsea, liverpool’s history cannot be compared to Chelsea, surely. Chelsea is creating History. If in 6 years chelsea has won 3 titles, thats 50% of the times. So ya some 15 yrs down the line Chelsea may be in double figures…. But it’ll be good to see liverpool in the top 4 again. I wish them luck…

  14. Roman Abramovich should be thanked for wat he has done. He has raised the bar. The has been significant improvement in the standard of players playing in the premier league. I wouldnt bet against Stoke City holding out a nil-nil draw against valencia, or even nick a goal.

  15. Hi Tony, Abramovic has actually invested a lot in youth now. He’s set up the best youth academy in the country in terms of facilities. The initial investment in players was also the difference it would had cost him to buy Arsenal. Which looks like it’s paid off in terms of success. The way it looks to me is that initial mass spending was needed to take the club up a level and now we are focusing on internal growth. Most Chelsea supporters I speak to don’t want us to go out on another 100M spending spree, they want to grow their own players. Liverpool on the other hand have also spent quite a lot of money under Benitez and as far as I can see all the youth prospects in Liverpool are coming from Everton. Liverpool have very few youth prospects, their finances are horrible and if they don’t get CL football they won’t attract any good players. This is going to be the hardest season to get into the top four and I am not sure you can manage it, but you need to… Quite frankly I am glad we have the owner we do and not the two Americans who are quite frankly going to run your club into the ground.


  16. The fact he couldn’t get in to our first team speaks for itself especially now he is one of Liverpool’s best players. Let the football do the talking.
    All this “history” nonsense is irrelevant, while we are celebrating yet more success in the coming years you can watch Liverpool’s last championship on the history channel.
    Out of all the clubs mentioned Liverpool offer the least threat to us so in my eyes Cole is better there than at a serious team.

  17. hey Simon, great one with d history channel !! ha ha…

  18. Why do all the bin dippers post on a Chelsea blog have,nt you got your own blogs to post on?
    Liverpool historically have the most trophies of all english teams true. They also hold the historical honour of having been involved in the most stadium disasters of all english teams. You are welcome to both honours. I,ll stick with what Chelsea have achieved historically thanx 🙂

  19. Why are there so many Nazi’s who support Chelsea?

    That photo of the girl and her Ded Zeig Heiling will be welcome when an Israeli international is donning the Blue of Chelsea I am sure.

  20. what the fuck mop ed you stupid cunt, don’t associate our great club with crap like that because theres no substance behind it, dypical dumb scouser

  21. *typical

  22. Come on guys if a billionaire buys hull and spends a billion on players and wins the league how much respect would you give them.


    Chelsea is a fashion club that spend money to lure players away from the top 4 teams.

    Please don’t act as though it’s anything else

    Man city are doing the same.

    U cannot be serious saying he left for money , your whole team joined for money for christs sake lol get a grip.

    Question why would all the Chelsea players join chelsea when they hadn’t won anything in our lifetime ? Idiots !

  23. If Joe Cole came for the money … it means Chelsea dont have money to pay his wages !! which is not possible as long as Roman is there ….
    Joe could not have joined for the money , a similar situation was there where Glen Johnson was offered more money at Chelsea than Liverpool but he chose Liverpool simply because of footballing reasons. Chelsea have ruined the careers of many players i.e Shevchenko , Kezman , Crespo , Bosingwa
    (eventually ) , Ballack (resurrected then ruined) …
    They have only made Terry , Anelka , Drogba and Lampard better who are all above 30 yrs old …
    Chelsea do not have a youth rank that can compete with Arsenal , Man U , Everton or Liverpool … simply because they are into buying old players for worthless prices … Benayoun being 30 yrs old for 6 m doesnt make sense as they could hve had someone like Ozil or Turan or Elia who are younger, quicker ( not that Benayoun is not quick ) …

  24. Final piont . Liverpool is in debt and so is man u and real Madrid barca etc. Your Russian owner has spent more money then you have made. Your sugar daddy will ruin football . Your so self centred and daft you don’t recognise the harm a club like yours has done. Buying trophies us like buying a bride . You feel goid for a whole then wake up one day and find the silverware gone and realise your the obd who’s been fucked .

  25. Btw Benayoun was a Liverpool bench warmer so was Joe Cole for Chelsea … the difference is Joe is younger and more established …
    And wats the use of gettin into the CL if you cant win it … you can just slip and miss a penalty !!

    @J Spencer , wats the use of having good facilities if you dont have good youth players !! Atleast we can scout good youth even though from Everton … btw our players come from all over Europe i.e Hungary , Ireland , Spain e.t.c
    Chelsea tried to lure Kakuta by offering his family a bribe which shows that they dont even know how to scout a player !!

    Only Liverpool and Arsenal have been competing for the Youth Cup for the last 2 years …

    Atleast we can watch our championships … Chelsea can watch their dreadful managers after Mourinho get replaced one after the other !!

    Chelsea with the current average age are going to be the AC Milan of the PL under Carlo Ancelloti …

  26. Jimbojj – Chelsea already had the foundations of a good squad before Abramovich came in and don’t you (a Liverpool fan) try to tell us about our club.

    If the roles were reversed there is no way you would take that view, you would be lapping up the glory. Instead of celebrating signing our leftovers.
    Another Liverpool fan asked why there is a hatred between our two clubs, the answer? pricks like you.
    go watch your dvd form 1990.

  27. Why would I just watch 1990 ?

    Do you think your captain is a idiot , he doesn’t think he is a leftover does he lol .

    I might in my lifetime see man u become the most successful club in the uk . Today the news is about them wanting to win 19 titles. , with fergie they will do it no doubt .

    I’m not worried about Chelsea coming anywhere close 😉

    20 years is upsetting waiting I admit but you have shown the way . If you can wait 50 I can wait a few more 😉

  28. (Chelsea fan) As a Chelsea fan i’m very disappointed that our very own (Joe) left us for one of our biggest Premier league rivals. I would have been happier had he gone somewhere outside Englenad (e.g; AC Milan or Inter Milan). He only refused to get a new contract at Chelsea only because of his wage demands. He thought he was Mr Chelsea ( Lampard or J.T)

  29. jim how the fuck can you compare us to hull? We were already playing champions league football, we were already attracting top european players and we were already growing a solid international fanbase.

    Fact is that nowadays players will come to Chelsea to play for trophies at the highest level and to play with other great players. Yes money is a consideration for any player but our wages can’t compete with the likes of City, Madrid and Barca. Joe left us because we wouldn’t give him the money he wanted!

    He doesn’t give a fuck about liverpool, he didn’t want to leave Chelsea in the first place and then he was desperate for a move to either Spurs or Arsenal. You were the only ones who gave him the 90k deal the greedy fuck was desperate for.

  30. If you sign torres u will have the last laugh anyway ;(

  31. if all our players were with us for money alone then i’m pretty certain we would have lost a handful of them by now, Drogba would be with City next season

  32. I’m not saying that you can’t attact players now. Rightly so yu are one of two teams that can wn the league . You can and will get great players.

    I’m saying when Chelsea fans start saying joe cole is a leftover and not a good player . They are trying to fool the world . In theworld cup he was rated as the player to save England .

    And you bought a the main part of your team with huge funds . These players were joining a club with no trophies. So it’s a bit sad when joe cole is a money grabber . He’s earning 10k more a week.

    I like Chelsea when hullit and hoddle were there it was excellent football.

    If Chelsea fans were honest and said we will miss cole rather then try to suggest it’s a move down , no one in football we give it any respect .

  33. No I think the main problem with Chelsea fans is that Joe promised us on a number of occasions that he would never leave. He said he loved our club and had no interest in going else where. Because of this (despite his ability to loose the ball and slow an attack down with his step-overs) we adored him and would often sing his name just so the manager would put him on. We’d even sing his name when the manager took him off after a poor game. Then he leaves us because he didn’t get the right money deal. On top of that he has now gone on to undermine our club with a few comments (bullshit on his part). We have lost all respect for the player. I don’t deny we loved the player but now i’m glad to see the back of him. Oh and he was a fan favourite because he seemed like an honest player, but we were never deluded enough to believe he was up there with the best.

    I’m sure he won’t be too gutted to be at a club like liverpool but it certainly wasn’t in his plans at all. money got him with you in the end. Carlo even confirmed it was all a money issue, this is why the majority of Chelsea fans will not give him the time of day again.

  34. Hmmm I can’t argue with you on the emotional side . We rely on players to give back the support we give them .

    It’s not good to feel let down ie owen to man u or cashley or cambell.

    It hurts like hello

    all clubs have at least one player the fans love who let’s them down.

    Liverpool has it’s problems so we need to rebuild .

    I think a bigger concern fir Chelsea fans is the decision to let him go and take benni a much cheaper option. Is the owner looking to cut wages etc.

    I don’t say this to be argumentative it’s just a odd move.

    You have some players coming to the end . Will replacements be 6 mil or 20 mil. You’ve lost cole ballack and may lose cashley .

    Jt is not getting any younger , these are all massive players .

  35. Hello Chelsea fans

    Liverpool fan here, I started this little debate, what a good one..yes we have bad owners, but our team is looking good. To be honest no I would not want a sugar daddy, just someone who loves the club. I think Joe Cole will be able to express himself better on the stage we offer, because we where short of quality skilled players. I cant believe they let him go, I think it was down to Abramovich being stubborn, Joe should still be a Chelsea player. I dont hate Chelsea I dont even hate Man u but I dislike haters and feel sorry for them because at the end of the day this world we live in will be like 5 minutes to the evolution of the universe so what will the premership matter! Life is to short to be too to serious and spiteful, come on lads lets look forward to a healthy bit of banter this season!

    Shout to Chelsea D, Goku etc

    All the best Tony

  36. A scouser once said football is not life its more important than that. They all talk shite anyway.

  37. @Nachi Kop, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but we have a much better group of young players coming through right now than Liverpool has. We just won the U17 FA Cup, something that doesn’t necessarily mean anything on it’s own, but most of our youth are star players or captains in their national youth teams or in some cases already playing senior international football. Mceachran, Kakuta, Bruma, Matic and Borini are all amazing prospects and a few more. As for Kakuta, if you actually looked we signed him out of contract and the case was thrown out by the court on the grounds that the contract he signed before that was in error.

    As for the rest of the Liverpool , it’s only because of Portsmouth buying players all over the place and running into so much debt that you are even in the Europa League, otherwise they would be in your spot. So maybe it’s not always bad. We won the league because of Morinho, not just the money. Man City will make that point again for us this season.

  38. i wish he left england, only way i could maintain respect for the guy. claiming to be a boyhood fan at the club of his dreams and now signing with a title contender who he thinks is the biggest club in england… what a tosser

  39. What makes me laugh is all the liverpool supporters who are coming out of the woodwork!! Where was you lot last season when you finish 7th ay?? No worries you lot are gonna win the league now you have Cole (A player that everyone apart from Chelsea fans thought was s***) how fickle people are!!!!! But good luck to Cole where ever he went, just one thing though one player doesnt win you trophies a TEAM does!!

  40. I don’t care if we’re the biggest club in the country or not, all I know is that I love Chelsea to bits and I’m proud to able to go to games and cheer on my team to victory.

    As for Joe Cole, who gives a s**t! He’s gone and that’s it, forget about him.

  41. Chelsea dont need to worry who they sell, especially as Joe Cole was mainly a substitute last season. They will just buy a bigger star who is on form.