Abramovich Patience Pays Off For Chelsea

I have to admit I’ve never had a lot of time for Frank Arnesen. Being at Spurs, I never really wanted him at Chelsea in the first place, so when the rumours were doing the rounds he could be part of a scouting staff cull in 2008, I was pretty happy to hear it.

In my defence, he’d promised he’d deliver a youth team player to the first team within three years and hadn’t done it, so with our squad ever-ageing, I felt entitled to a little impatience. To his credit though, Abramovich has apparently had a little more patience with his director of scouting than he has with his managers – and this season, it seems to have finally paid off.

Having finally brought some players through, Arnesen says “We knew when I came the aim in 2010/11 was to have at least one player in the first team. I’ve always been supported from inside the club. Roman has been unbelievable. There have been pressures from the outside but Roman said, ‘Frank I know what you said when you came. We have an agreement, you carry on.’ I was quite comfortable that one day it’d come right. I wasn’t expecting players to come through two years ago – they were too young and this is one of the world’s best clubs. You can’t usually expect them to get through at that age. Now they are around 19 and 20, with the exception of Josh.”

So, he got there – albeit a little later than planned – and whilst we’ve yet to see how well the likes of Jeffrey Bruma, van Aanholt and Kakuta manage the transition to the first team, we certainly seem to have a real gem in Josh McEachran from the first batch of youngsters, with the 17 year old fast-tracked into the first team instead of being sent on loan as has previously been the case with players of his age. So, I guess it’s fair to say Arnesen has done his bit and Abramovich has more than indicated his commitment to the youths and the club with his patience on this one.


9 Responses to “Abramovich Patience Pays Off For Chelsea”

  1. As usual you talk shit.

    ” he’d promised he’d deliver a youth team player to the first team within three years and hadn’t done it,”
    You wont be able to find that quote because it is utter bollocks. The time that was predicted was this season as specified from everyone at the club when the restructuring happened.

  2. I must admit I had great faith in Frank Arnesen when he first came to the Bridge from Spurs in 2005. Here was a man who when he was with PSV Eindhoven brought in players such as Van Nistelrooy, Robben, Stam and Ronaldo. He brought them from small clubs and actually went to Brazil to bring players to Europe, e.g. Ronaldo. I was prepared to give Arnesen time to produce. I never expected too much too soon. As the old saying goes “Rome wasn’t built in a day”.

    I’m a firm believer in Arnesen’s philosophy that you can only develop so many players and they have to prove themselves. The club still must spend to acquire top players. It became obvious Arnesen’s work was bearing fruit when we won the FA Youth Cup for the first time in half a century. I was delighted for Arnesen as he had taken much criticism from all sides.

    It would have been a gross injustice if the club had sacked the man. A tip of the hat to Frank Arnesen!

  3. Michael – obviously you’d know better and I must have been psychic to have written about his promise back in 2008 eh?
    And obviously The Guardian must have been as well when they carried this quote: “It’s not just about catch-up, it’s about having the best youth-development programme in the world. To try and make the top quality of recruitment and academy so we can get the best players in and develop them so they are good enough to get into the first team. In two years’ time, the first has to have come through” Frank Arnesen, October 2005.

  4. you’re right. I’m a complete and utter failure of a human being. Pardon my complete stupidity and incompetence of socializing and formulating the thoughts and voices that rampage my brain.

  5. Michael – on the contrary, you seem very self-aware to me

  6. McEachran’s been training with Chelsea since he was eight… long before Arnesen arrived.

  7. Joshy was at the club even before Roman got here

  8. Other youngsters were as well, they weren’t brought through though whilst others have been farmed out elsewhere – thankfully that didn’t happen with McEachran. And yeh, Arnesen got lucky with him.

  9. I have to say , it is quite an exciting time for a chelsea fan. We have a world of talent coming through the ranks.

    Look as Josh Mceachran, he is already being tipped as the future of Chelsea after playing for the first team only weeks ago. Also the fact he is only 17, I hope he doesn’t get fed up with a bench role for a while!

    But he’s at the club since he was 8, So he’s obviously dedicated to the Club..

    Also I hope Conor Clifford gets a good chance with Chelsea… I’m Irish & hope he can be a great player for bother Club & Country!!!