McEachran Prompting A Bit Of Chelsea Nostalgia?

Josh McEachran might only have been around the first team a short while but he’s already becoming a firm favourite at Chelsea.

Obviously at 17, there’s a long way to go before he’s the finished article but he’s showing plenty of potential, slotting into the side for three Premier League appearances so far this season, as well as appearing in the Champions League and the fact that he’s homegrown makes his progress all the more exciting.

Ray Wilkins says “It is lovely for everyone when a home-grown guy comes through. That has been the case with all the young lads who have come on this season and last season. The crowds have taken to them straight away. There seems to be an affiliation with the supporter that is lovely to watch.”

It’s certainly been a breakthrough for the Oxford-born lad, not only being fast-tracked into the first team – and bypassing other youngsters in the process – but also earning his England Under-19 call up after helping the Under-17s win the European Championship. And Wilkins gets all nostalgic about his own debut when it comes to McEachran.

McEachran – even at his age – seems to be taking any chance he gets in his stride despite the weight of expectation on his young shoulders and the Chelsea assistant coach says “It is an exciting time, coming on to make your debut. It is not the right word to say I sympathise with Josh but I can remember that nervous situation you go through when you come on. I get thrilled for him and thankfully he does not appear to show too many nerves.”

Let’s hope the club continue to look after him.


5 Responses to “McEachran Prompting A Bit Of Chelsea Nostalgia?”

  1. All Josh wants to do is play football and check this out

  2. Hope this kid stays. He’s got skill, enthusiasm, and he’s ours 😀 If he can keep it going into adulthood we may have already identified our possible future captain

  3. this kid will be star in years to come and the best bit is he’ll be one of our own

  4. I’ve honestly never seen a player as talented as him at such a young age. We’ve all seen young, tricky wingers with lots of pace that look like they are going to be amazing and then burn out, but I have never seen a player that young hold onto possession so well or move the ball around so intelligently. This may sound silly, but he reminds me a lot of Iniesta and for an English player, that is really quite surprising.

  5. He excites me a lot…16/17 years of excitement he will give me!