Cole To Miss Chelsea Reunion? Booooooo

The sight of Joe Cole in a Liverpool shirt might not be one we can get used to but pictures of Joe Cole laying on the turf, we’re much more familiar with. And so it panned out before Liverpool scraped their marginal 1-0 win over Bolton yesterday, leaving Cole a doubt for our meeting at Anfield on Sunday.

The 28 year old midfielder, who moved to ‘the biggest club in the country’ in the summer because he wanted to ‘challenge’ himself, has already had to miss three games through suspension for his new club and after suffering a bit of a hamstring tug yesterday, might miss our clash with Liverpool, with manager Roy Hodgson stating “He has a slight hamstring injury and we don’t know the extent of it until after he has a scan.”

Shame really, I’m sure having had his ‘dream come true’ of a fight to get out of the relegation places with ‘the biggest club in the country’, I’m sure he’d have felt the love from the visiting Champions.


6 Responses to “Cole To Miss Chelsea Reunion? Booooooo”

  1. i think cole will upset he can’t play against his former team. But either he will play or not Liverpool still lose. hahahaha.

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  2. He’ll have time to look forward to playing in a tournament that Chelsea didn’t compete for – the Europa Also-rans League

  3. I doubt Joe will be terribly upset at missing Sunday’s game against us. I don’t believe he’d get a friendly reception from John Terry and the lads.

    Perhaps his “hamstring injury” is just an excuse to avoid us.

  4. Brian, I shouldn’t think many of the Chelsea players hold it against Joe – especially not John Terry.

    Terry got his pay rise, Joe didn’t…

    I hope Joe does well for Liverpool. He was a good servant to the club. It’s just a shame he said some ill judged things when he joined the bin dippers. Suffice to say, I doubt he’s any happier.

  5. Agree with Ali, there is no reason to bad mouthing Joe Cole, him talking positively about his new club, doesn’t reflect bad on Chelsea, he served us well for many years, and will always be a Chelsea great, who in the only season when fit, was our player of the year.

    His injury record made it impossible to get the contract extension that he wanted, and his lack of pitch time last season propably made it easier to leave. He needed to go to a club where he would be first choice, and let’s face it Liverpool is the biggest club in the country, where he would be first choice in his current form.

    Good luck to Joe, let’s hope he’ll be out for a week or two max.

  6. All the above is true, exept for the part about Liverpool being the biggest club in the country.

    Replace the word “big” with “shit hole” and I think you’ve hit it spot on.