Different messages show different pressures on coaches

Carlo Ancelotti and Arsene Wenger are both managers under pressure at top clubs in English and world football. However, recent media comments show just how different the nature of the pressure they are placed under is at the moment.

Wenger has spoken to football betting pundits this week of being prepared to give “every drop of my blood” to ensure that the Gunners pick up their first piece of silverware since their 2005 FA Cup success over Manchester United, which contrasts with the very laid back approach adopted by Ancelotti despite the continuing rumours that he is about to get the sack from the Stamford Bridge outfit.

Whilst both managers are clearly determined to do the best they possibly can for their respective sides, the very personal nature of Wenger’s project at the Gunners shows his own frustration at recent defeats that have seen his side fail to take advantage of the fact that no one side has taken control of the Premier League football odds to date.

Contrast this to Ancelotti, a man who is undoubtedly well aware that he has no role to play at the club other than to ensure that the team is playing the best football it can and you can see why one is relaxed and the other feels such a personal pressure.

It is perhaps this overarching desperation to succeed that has taken hold of Wenger and transferred on to his team, in the process making them continually susceptible to caving into psychological pressure and subsequently failing to take advantage of the winning positions they have found themselves in this season and in recent years. Even this weekend, it’s fair to say their supporters had no idea which way the game might go.

So, despite the season still being in its relatively early days, it’s a fair bet Ancelotti’s calm approach is likely to hand his side a key advantage as both Chelsea and Arsenal look to add to their impressive trophy hauls.

Written by TCB reader Thomas Rooney


7 Responses to “Different messages show different pressures on coaches”

  1. pathetic reasoning

  2. Small club who won the lottery

  3. I am an Arsenal fan and I enjoyed this. Thought it may be ‘Wenger/Arsenal – bashing’, but wasn’t at all. Fair play.

  4. Chelsea’s impressive trophy cabinet ???

    hahahahha … r u smoking crack ??

  5. I’m Arsenal and I’m not sure why the fellow wrote that bit above considering how fair and level headed this piece was.

  6. Gooner here. Interesting article. Ignore the numpty above who just wants to trade insults, we are not all like that. You make a good point and i agree with you.

  7. Can’t really comment on Arsene so I’ll just put in 2 cents on Ancelotti.

    Baffled, is about all I can say with respect to the recent hullabaloo that’s been Chelsea, and I don’t mean the poor form. I still remember how Ancelotti was put into the driving seat – a lot of talk about how Roman admired the fellow, and wanted him over here, even though Hiddink was the superhero who saved our 2009 (still sore about how we couldn’t persuade him to stay with us beyond that few months). And now, what with Wilkins and Arnesen leaving, people are whispering that Roman has lost faith with the man he put in charge?

    As much as Guardiola is a good manager, what can he bring to Chelsea that Ancelotti can’t? Admittedly, he has a stronger win ratio than Ancelotti, being placed at 72.73% compared to 55.57%, Ancelotti has had a longer career than Guardiola, not to mention significant differences between Chelsea and Barcelona. Chelsea at this point in time is in a pseudo-transition period, with the main spine getting older and more injury-prone and the young guns not all that ready yet – teething problems are bound to happen. Barcelona has the benefit of having a more balanced squad in terms of age and fitness (not to mention a far stronger youth system than Chelsea’s). I’m not sure that Guardiola would do any better with our squad than Ancelotti.

    But well – regardless of all the controversy, the upcoming games will be a strong test for Chelsea’s resolve. Good luck to our boys!