POLL: Chelsea’s Best Midfielder Of 2010

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POLL: Chelsea’s Best Defender Of 2010

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CHELSEA 1-0 Bolton: Who’s Saying What?

Well, we finally stopped the run of games without a win and whilst to some, it might have been just a marginal victory at home to Bolton, to others it felt like a cup final. Of course, some of us were used to runs like this – and worse – following Chelsea, but even we have to go back a few years in our memories for those.Read More

CHELSEA 1-0 Bolton: Goal (video)

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Cech Seeing The Problem In Front Of Him

We all know things ain’t happening for Chelsea right now and it seems to be pretty much all over the pitch but for Petr Cech, particularly after Monday night, the real problem is right in front of his eyes.Read More

My First Chelsea Game

Mark Worrall, author of cult terrace classics ‘Over Land and Sea’, ‘Blue Murder….Chelsea til I die’ and ‘One Man Went To Mow’, tells of his first trip to Stamford Bridge…..Read More

CHELSEA vs Bolton: Preview

Venue: Stamford Bridge

Date: Wednesday, 29 December

Kick-off: 1945 GMT

Right, if Carlo reckons we were sleeping, then after six games without a win, I hope the gutting defeat to Arsenal Monday night served as a wake-up call for our players because I’ve decided I don’t like this losing nonsense. We have to go back as far as December 1999 to remember what a run of form like this feels like and whether that means we’ve become a bit spoilt over the years or not, if we can’t manage a result at home to Bolton tonight, then I for one will be having a proper tantrum!Read More

Arsenal 3-1 CHELSEA: The Alternative Report

Carlo signalling our new aspirations?

Carlo signalling our new aspirations?

I really don’t know what I can say about the game. For a start I still feel too gutted to talk about it and as if that’s not bad enough, Arsenal actually deserved the win. I know I should probably cut my tongue out now but the sad fact is, it’s true.Read More

Arsenal vs CHELSEA: Predictions

Come on, big game tonight so how’s it gonna go? Reckon we’ll continue our run against them or is it just another record waiting to be broken?

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Arsenal vs CHELSEA: Preview

Venue: The Emirates

Date: Monday, 27 December

Kick-off: 2000 GMT

With our last game called off and United winning against Sunderland yesterday, to suggest we need a result from tonight’s game is taking the art of understatements a bit too far .

We looked to have picked up against Spurs and whilst plenty might point to conspiracy theories and Roman ordering snow showers to give us a breather, it might have benefited us to keep some momentum going.Read More