Who Is Nathan Ake?

nathan-akeChelsea have agreed a deal to bring Nathan Ake to Stamford Bridge ahead of his 16th birthday in February.

Feyenoord sporting director, Leo Beenhakker, is furious with the news, singling out English clubs for criticism in pursuit of youthful talent.

“It’s driving me crazy that hot prospects are walking away from us like this,” Beenhakker said. “The Premier League clubs spoil the market with their behaviour. Other clubs in Europe aren’t doing this kind of thing, but the English sides just don’t care. I’ve discussed this matter with Nathan and his parents. He told me that he really wanted to move to England and his parents were OK with his decision. I was impressed with Nathan’s determination at such a young age but it’s bad news for Feyenoord; we can’t do anything about it if a foreign club comes up to sign one of our youngsters.”

But who is he?

Age: 15
Position: Defender
Current club: Feyenoord
Transfer fee: £230,000ish (compensation set by tribunal)
Following in the footsteps of: Jeffrey Bruma and Kyle Ebecilio (Arsenal)
Similar to: Rio Ferdinand
Also linked with: Manchester City

It has been reported that Feyenoord are considering complaining to FIFA but a Chelsea spokesman said: “We have kept Feyenoord abreast of our interest and as such we have reached an agreement with them.”

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2 Responses to “Who Is Nathan Ake?”

  1. Sad, criminal behaviour by Chelsea. Scouting kid-footballplayers should be forbidden and penalized heavily. All English clubs sponsored by Russian ‘nouveau riche’ , also called Maffia, should be banned from competitions. They pollute the sporting environment of European Football.

  2. Feijenoord should not complain, because Nathan was a player of ADO the Haque when they signed him up. They are doing the same as Chelsea does now.