BREAKING NEWS: Whispers Suggest Torres Bid Of £40m + Sturridge

torres-and-sturridgeThe latest word from The Times is that Fernando Torres has handed in a transfer request to Liverpool FC in light of the continued interest from Chelsea.

CFC have met this news with an offer of £40m plus Daniel Sturridge.

He’s currently earning £110,000-a-week at Liverpool, something we’d easily be able to better. Then there’s also the promise of trophies at Chelsea, something he’s yet to come close to in his years in Merseyside.

The striker turns 27 in a few weeks time and after wasting some of the best years of his career with Liverpool, he’s obviously keen to better himself.

Liverpool FC have confirmed that Torres has submitted a written transfer request that has been rejected.

Watch this space!


67 Responses to “BREAKING NEWS: Whispers Suggest Torres Bid Of £40m + Sturridge”

  1. Hey is wishere mad why should we makeweight on sturridge. When sturridge is the second best young player in chelsea squad

  2. We couldnt buy a Whore in a Whorehouse.

  3. Wait and see you dippers…Suarez must be shitting himself right now and I wonder how poor old Stevie Me will react …your team will suffer badly whatever happens now….another slide coming up?…such a shame really….Mugs!

  4. I have listened on the radio and read the world wide web and you liverpudlian’s as your are known by real northern folk are the most arrogant fans that live and breath that red drivel you spout and churn out.
    Why would Torres leave “the original history makers” themselves and join the ” historyless” blue “chavs” from London you all ask and spout?]
    Well, thats where the problem starts and finishes you arrogant cnuts. Thats all you have a past history relying on “king kenny” the second coming of the Anfield messiah. History,history, history thats all you can spout about. Open your eyes and ears and stop talking about “the Liverpool way” “the Kop” “the European cup” blah blah blah. Join the 21 st century and face facts. Your so called “fans” will keep you back in the dark ages of the “70’s and 80’s” by talking about “the Liverpool way” “Rafa understands the heart and soul of this club” if you realised sooner that Rafa was not a new messiah but a good manager who won you the European cup and the FA cup by penalties and Steven Gerrard. Not some tactical genius or outstanding substitutions. You clung on to the “in Rafa we trust” bullshite and should have outed him in an “un – koplike – way” history history blah blah blah and modernised like other clubs and be ruthless as fans etc. But no, you still cling on to the “Liverpool way”
    “king kenny” , “we got history no other club has” bullshite and you left Rafa in charge and he has now left you in deep deep do,do. But the longer you stay with the arrogance of “the Liverpool way” the longer you will stay out of the top 4 even top 6

    This was why only your club had such a clash with Chelsea because you were not happy with our “new – history” as opposed to your “Liverpool history” that it is your devine right to win the Premiership year in year out but in fact through your arrogance / ignorrance as fans have not won the league in 20 years.

    Now do us all a favour and had over Torres and all those hub caps and wallets you have nicked over the years back and you’ll get £50 million and half a new team!

  5. Torres fed up coming home to find his house has been ransacked by thieving scouse bin dippers course he wants to go to chelsea.

  6. How cum so many Lpool fans are on here sayin why would Torres want to leave for Chelsea when were pensioners…but luk at the league table, were are Lpool..are they in CL? NO!. are they challengin for titles? NO! so how da fuck can ppl say Chelsea are a ageing team goin downhill when Lpool USED to be da best..but you scouse pricks luv to live in the past and still talk about trophies you won in mjany trophies have you in past decade? How many have we won in the past decade?? AND were STILL chalengin for all its more realistic Torres will be at a BETTER team in Chelsea.BLUES FOR LIFE!

  7. Torres will join Chelsea because we actually win trophies instead of droning on about how we won them in the past.

    The truth is Liverpool are simply not good enough, or big enough for a player that good – he’s surrounded by medicority – with the exception of Gerard and maybe Reina.

    He’ll also join because London is more attractive for a player from abroad – (and also where most Liverpool ‘fans’ seem to come from).

    Take our 50 million and spend it on 10 more average players to complement the rest of the squad.

  8. This is all nonsense. spendin such a great amount of money on one player, when we need 3 or 4… I have to say that, even if Mr Torres is a great player (nobody can deny it), there are plenty cheaper options when it comes to the attack. Take Lukaku: He is 17 but scores a lot. Babacar from fiorentina. Pazzini from sampdoria (tho he may have signed for inter by now), llorente from bilbao, edinson cavani from Napoli! but we would need someone very good in defence (like luiz that we will miss out) like kjaer, Badstuber, ( and i am sure even ryan shawcross would prove useful). we need people on the right flank of the attack to replace anelka in a few years (lets say one more season). who this would be? Hamsik can only play as a playmaker, javier pastore? maybe but unlikely.
    My point is. there are plenty of options, all cheaper and we will need some more players, ready to play in one or two seasons. so we will need to spend this money. but we are limiting ourselves to do so by doing this deal for torres.
    We EVEN DO NOT KNOW where he play! does Ancelotti wants to drop our beloved 4-3-3 for a 4-4-2? allow me to raise my eyebrow!

  9. It amazing were all these chelsea rent boys have come from you win a few trophys and they all come out the wood work ha ha ha ha ha yes we have the history that you only dream of and yes we have not played well this and last season but we are turning the corner now under dalglish do you remember him he scored the winner on your manor that won the league on your patch ha ha ha as for torres we will keep him untill the summer then you can have him at our price or he goes on auction and the biggest club( money wise ) in the land if not the world man city will out bid your drug lord so you keep watching your over the hill mob and dream on

  10. If you were Liverpool you’d be mad not to rip their hand off with that sort of offer.


  11. Half a billion quid spent and you can’t fill your ground. Your a middling sized club with a temporarily inflated status related to the unstable political and economic situation in Russia. A move to Chelsea is an endorsement of everything that is ugly in football.

    Torres was played without a break from his mid teens and is close to burnout in the same way that Michael Owen experienced. By the time he has settled into your squad he will only have 18 months of top level football left in his career. 40m quid plus a top young English prospect. Yes please.

  12. Just like Citeh, Chelsea show what’s wrong with modern ‘big clubs’ with no soul.

    3 days before the window chucking money around, no class, no soul and no history.

  13. Someone needs to explain how anyone is going to “force” LFC to sell their contracted player. Torres has every right to feel how he feels … disappointed, restless, not assured of the future of the club etc etc, but the timing is just awful. Perhaps if the offer jumps another 10 or 20 million and Liverpool have players lined up they’d consider it. Even still, selling this kind of quality to one of your main rivals would be madness. Liverpool simply can’t afford to let him go and they absolutely can’t let him go to Chelsea.
    Torres has done all he can: ask to leave and submit a written request, he simply has no other options left. The club will do what they think is best and that will be ultimately decided by Dalglish and Comolli. The player will be left with a simple choice to either give his all for the club or spend the rest of the season on the bench. LFC won’t be strong-armed into anything, especially when the one trying to force the move is a contracted employee. I’ll be happy with whatever they decide to do.

  14. nathan you’re an idiot. Chelsea has one of the best attendance records in the league for years

    At least make up something believable before you start spewing bile.

    just more butthurt liverpool fans, even though nothing has happened. Laughable.

  15. First of all, to sell Torres without having the time to get a suitable replacement is just bad business, and no, Suarez is bought to complement Torres not replace him. Second, NESV is not GIllett and Hicks, they listen to fans, as seen with the sacking of Hodgson. The last thing they want is to spend money getting Suarez to appease the fans and end up selling Torres and turning the fans against them. Thirdly, NESV is looking to build the club into a better team, if they want to run it like a business, Gerrard and Reina would have been sold to Real and the Mancs already. So the Torres deal, never going to happen these few days. You can have him in the summer, when we get a world class striker replacement. 60mil is good money but it’s very stupid to sell now. In my opinion, this is nothing more than a feeble attempt to unsettle Torres before the Chelsea- Liverpool game.

  16. if chelsea want to part with 50 mil for that judas just weeks after he pledged his loyalty then let them do it, it would still on bring the average age of their squad down to 63!! we’ll have ashley young, adam johnson and benzema with the money……….cheers
    p.s you can keep porridge or sturridge, same thing

  17. am 4 life i will advice our club to sale toress for agood price now and use the money and go for BENZEMA and ALEXIS SANCHEZ and RICKY VAN WOLSFK.because even if toress stays he is not going to play with his mind for us because he has already shown this to us before this time that his mind is no more for the club,its better lfc should rush for BENZEMA and SANCHEZ -RICKY VAN. and sign them before the window close.