Fergie Giving Refs Benefit Of The Doubt? Surely Not?

So, with us set to face United three more times this season, twice in the Champions League before our league game against them in May, Sir Alex Ferguson is keen to keep the usual paranoia at bay.

Chelsea Preparing For Bidding War With United?

Well, with Neymar changing his mind like the weather around a move to the Premier League, it seems the press are having a bit more luck putting us up against Manchester United over a move for Palermo’s Javier Pastore.

Former Blue Doesn’t Fear Chelsea

Have SkySports gone out of business or something? Because rumour has it we have a game on a Saturday at 3pm – must be a printing error or something.

Torres Happy With Returning Midfielder?

Well, he might not have had a Chelsea shirt on his back since September, but after a lengthy absence with an Achilles injury, Yossi Benayoun has finally made a return – albeit for Israel.

Josh McEachran: England U-21 Skill (video)

Essien: The Case For Club Before Country

I was talking to someone after last night’s England v Ghana game about Michael Essien’s absence. I’d read the other day how Ghana fans are pretty unhappy with Essien taking an international break although after two consecutive injuries playing for Ghana that meant he couldn’t play for Chelsea. The cruciate ligament injury he suffered on [...]

Ashley Cole At It Again?

It doesn’t take much for Ashley Cole to piss people off usually but then he doesn’t really help himself does he? His history on and off the field pretty much speaks for itself, from disrespecting refs to disrespecting women but whilst to an extent we have to accept that’s what comes with having players like [...]

Mourinho Protecting His Players Or His Future?

When he was at Chelsea, Jose Mourinho used to say he soaked up all the press attention to protect his players, even if his players might suggest it was more about keeping the spotlight firmly on himself. Certainly, Makelele has always been pretty clear of his former boss’ agenda, confirming “No-one was allowed to be [...]

Why Chelsea Should Be Grateful They’ve Got Ancelotti

For any Chelsea supporter out there who’s still not sure exactly what Carlo Ancelotti brings to the club, here’s a sobering thought for you – just be glad it isn’t still Scolari running the show.

Time For Lampard To Put Club Before Country?

So, as far as his England future is concerned, the penny has dropped for Frank Lampard. He’s been around the England set-up for years now and despite plenty of opposition, has more often than not, been in the first XI throughout that time. Now though, with the emergence of Wilshere and the re-emergence of Scott [...]