CHELSEA vs Manchester United: A Red Perspective


Right, now that we’re finally getting round to this fixture, TheChelseaBlog has had its usual pre-match sparring session with Scott the Red from the Republik of Mancunia. Here’s his thoughts:

The Chelsea Blog: Who has been your best player this season?
Scott The Red: Nani. I think Nemanja Vidic and Dimitar Berbatov have been vitally important to our position but I think Nani has really shone. He’s not the finished article yet and is prone to errors in judgement but in 23 games he has 9 goals and 14 assists to his name. Over the past 12 months he’s gone from strength to strength. He has the best feet in the team, brilliant pace and likes to take a player on. He’s so skilful and a pleasure to watch (when not rolling around on the floor).

TCB: What about Rooney, think he’s earnt any respect back yet?
STR: The importance and quality of his goal against Manchester City is probably incomparable to anything that has gone on already this season. Can you respect a person who you lost all respect for because they score a brilliant and vital goal? No. Some fans are alright with him now and that is their prerogative. I’ll never feel the same way about him though, sadly.

TCB: Who should we watch out for?
STR: Nani seems to be our only really dangerous player at the moment. He makes things happen. Obviously you can’t ignore the top scorer in the league either.

TCB: Any of our players you think might cause you problems?
STR: Well, the headlines are all set up for Fernando Torres suddenly starting to look like a £50m player with a goal against United. He’s been poor for almost a year now but we all know what he’s capable of and it would be stupid to dismiss the motivation he’ll have, given how fond he is of Liverpool…

TCB: Obviously we’ve been out of the title for months, reckon you’ll keep Arsenal at bay now?
STR: Arsenal are usually bottlers so I’m hoping that’s the way it stays. They’ll probably feel aggrieved after their embarrassing League Cup defeat and Fabregas will probably be keen to win something before leaving for Barcelona this summer. Things in football change so quickly though. One weekend can turn everything on its head. So I’m not going to get cocky about it just yet.

TCB: You seem to be strolling it without actually setting the footballing world alight, would you put that down to decisions, luck or lack of competition this season?
STR: Lack of competition, our experience and our home record. I’d say winning 13 of our 14 home games, drawing the other, scoring 39 goals (an average of practically 3 goals a game) and conceding just 9 is setting the world alight. It’s just our away form is so awful it paints us in a bad light over all.

TCB: Talking about lack of competition, did you join in the anniversary celebrations yesterday?
STR: Fancy going 35 years without winning anything. Incredible.

TCB: You’ve got Arsenal in the FA Cup, you must be worried about that one given their performance against Birmingham at the weekend eh?
STR: We’ve had some great victories over Arsenal in the Cup and some really painful ones. They will treat the United game as more of a cup final than they treated their disappointing day out at Wembley, so we shouldn’t be lulled in to a false sense of security.

TCB: How can you see the top four ending up this season?
STR: 1st United 2nd Arsenal 3rd Chelsea 4th Spurs

TCB: Finally, in your usual modest way, give us a prediction for tonight.
STR: Our record at Stamford Bridge is shit, regardless of form. I’ll go 1-1.

Bloody hell, I didn’t really expect modesty lol. I won’t wish you luck but cheers anyway.

5 Responses to “CHELSEA vs Manchester United: A Red Perspective”

  1. Nice to see civilised rivalry..big game.

  2. tough game tonight, but like the manc said, this just might be nando’s night, so no one should write him off. united haven’t been setting the world alight with their away perfomances, but we haven’t really been at our swashbuckling best either. So i put this down for a dour draw, unless nando gets a package in the mail with his shooting boots in it.

  3. Manc in peace (well kind of), big game tonight I dont think any united fan is looking at your recent form and think this will be a comfortable game!

    As STR said we have a shit record at the bridge but would take a point if not a win. I can see the lady boy kicking into gear tonight but he was useless at OT earlier this year when Evans had him in his back pocket.

    I can see your lot going on a run and comfortably getting a champs league spot, i even have you down for 2nd.

  4. Nice interview, Scott is such a great guy. Well, hopefully we’ll have a good game, and the referee won’t f*ck us in thea$$ like the two UnitedxChelsea games last season.

    My guess is Chelsea 0x2 United.


  5. I don’t give a tinker’s about the ref. I’m just hoping for a good fair game, with a really “lucky” Chelsea winning 4 – 0 !!