Will Chelsea Really Make The Champions League Final?


So, former Chelsea favourite Gianluca Vialli has tipped us to get to the Champions League final, stating “Chelsea are out of the championship race, I think, so they will be able to focus on the Champions League. They have got a great side with great players, experienced players. They are very hungry to win the Champions League because they have been so close for so many years. They deserve to get at least to the final and I’m sure they will. Obviously, they need to be lucky with the draw in the next round but I’ve got a feeling that the final might be Chelsea-Real Madrid.”

Well, considering he also said that AC Milan would be a lot stronger last night, I think we should probably take his comments with a pinch of salt for now.


4 Responses to “Will Chelsea Really Make The Champions League Final?”

  1. We need to avoid barca in the next round – we are not ready for them yet. Let’s take them in the semi’s. Let’s hope we draw Shaktar/Schalke/Marseille and let Barca/Bayern/Tottenham/Madrid fight amungst themselves.

  2. why is everyone so scared of Barcelona? They may have knocked us out before. But they knocked us out because of the away goal rule, and the referee’s poor handling of the match. Chelsea is an experienced team, and no one wants to play Chelsea in Europe.

  3. I want Barcelona in the next round and want revenge for what happened 2 years ago…that night will never be forgotten and if we get the first leg away, we could managed to defeat them using some good Mourinho and Wenger combination tricks…defend deep and double mark Messi and then hit them on the breaks…if we are going to go out, lets go out against Barcelona with our heads held high…bring them on….we will show the fucking cheats who owns them this time…I have waited a long time for revenge…

  4. if torres regains his top form in the next round,lampard and drogba give us the golden magic,the champ league is ours