CHELSEA 0-1 United: Same Story, Different Year


It’s not over yet – it just felt like it last night.

Bottom line is we just weren’t good enough and if we weren’t pissed off enough with the performance itself, the one lifeline we should have had with a nailed on penalty, we didn’t get because the usual Champions League rules for Chelsea applied.Read More

Rooney To Get Off His Ban?


Amazing isn’t it? Not so long ago he was a Man City wannabe, now it seems all Wayne Rooney needs is a goal and his sins are immediately forgiven. Anyone still remember the angry, foul mouthed display just days ago? No, thought not. Not really surprising given how quickly they all got over him holding the club they support to ransom but in view of the insults they hurl our players’ way, the irony of it can’t fail to make you laugh.Read More