John Terry: David Luiz Future Chelsea Captain


I shouldn’t think it’s any secret on either TheChelseaBlog or Twitter that I f***ing love David Luiz.

At the time we signed our Brazilian defender though, I remember (to my shame) barely giving him a mention because I was too busy wetting myself over the £50m transfer of Fernando Torres. Not that I’ve done a u-turn on Torres or anything, because I’m still convinced he’ll come good – although maybe I should point out I was just as certain Shevchenko would as well – with Luiz though, I just didn’t expect the sort of immediate impact he’s had.

For a central defender, he’s just so bloody exciting to watch and to get him in a January transfer window was an absolute stroke of genius on Ancelotti’s part. We definitely needed livening up in January and whilst the signing of Torres might seem a bit of anti-climax given his lack of goals so far, David Luiz has been an absolute godsend.

John Terry, who definitely needed a consistent and capable partner alongside him in defence in the long-term absence of Alex, has clearly appreciated presence. So much so in fact, he’s gone as far as to say “On the pitch he has been incredible, a real exceptional player, and is a possible future captain of the club, he has provided a real buzz around the camp.”

And given how protective JT is about his captaincy, for him to even imagine a future without him, nevermind name a potential replacement – that’s high praise indeed.

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  2. You can just imagine how Arrogantio would have reacted when Luiz was busy supporting the attack in the Wigan 18yd box on Saturday – he would have been hooked off and straight down the tunnel!!

    Good to have a player like that who gets the crowd going, let’s hope a few more come in when the old guard is released in the summer.