Too Late For Malouda?


I have to say it surprises me that Florent Malouda is our top scorer in the league this season. With 13 though, he’s scored 2 more than Drogba, 3 of them coming in his last 3 games.

If you’d said that to me last season I wouldn’t have been surprised, but then last season Malouda stood out as a player who’d really come into his own. This season, for whatever reason, the Frenchman hasn’t been able to replicate that form and has had his share of criticism.

Like the rest of our players he started well enough, scoring 6 goals in his first 5 games but, as Chelsea’s form tailed off, so did Malouda’s and he added just 3 more goals until his winner against Wigan a month ago.

Now though, his apparent return to form – alongside Chelsea’s in general – has helped us push United a damn site harder than we did for months and Didier Drogba thinks it’s time everyone got off his team-mates back and showed him the respect he deserves.

Our Ivorian striker, who himself struggled for long periods this season following his bout of Malaria, says “Florent is now our league top scorer. I think he has a lot of critics but it is not deserved. People should show a bit more respect for what he has been achieving here.”

Will his late burst of form be enough to keep him at Chelsea though?


One Response to “Too Late For Malouda?”

  1. Chelsea have gained 12 points on Man-U this year, they are in the ascendancy. Their only fear at Old Trafford is a bad decision by an under-pressure referee. It could spoil one of football’s greatest comebacks.