United 2-1 CHELSEA: Bowing Out Early


Well what can we say? We were invited to the title bash, turned up 45 minutes late, just about got a foot in the door then decided we didn’t fancy hanging about after all.
It was a party wasn’t it? I mean, we certainly seemed to be playing pass the parcel in the first half because we couldn’t get rid of the ball quick enough.and Fergie definitely thought it was his birthday when they went a goal up within 36 seconds. Luiz, whose curly head evidently hadn’t quite worked out we’d kicked off when Park’s pass went to Hernandez, ended up a bystander as it was duly dispatched past Cech. ‘What me boss?’ Yes you Mr Luiz!
Stunned much? It was like Dawn of the Dead out there with only Petr Cech saving us from something much worse as the shots reined in. Valencia, Rooney, Hernandez again, in fact the only one I don’t remember having a shot in the first half was Van der Sar. Ok, so I’m being unfair here, not every Chelsea player was auditioning for Tussaud’s, we did have the odd ‘moment’, they just weren’t very convincing.
Ivanovic was having one of ‘those’ days, you know the one’s – where he doesn’t seem to notice his every move has everyone else a nervous wreck – and he took his first card for a foul on Rooney. I say his first card because he could have had several really (as I’m sure Fergie’s notebook would testify). Anyway, enough of what we did wrong, oh no wait, we fell asleep for a United corner as well and Giggs was given plenty of leeway courtesy of Kalou to get a cross to Vidic to head home. 2-0 down in 23 minutes, bloody marvelous!
Could’ve been a lot worse though, we could’ve capitulated completely at that point but Kalou and Drogba both thought it was time to bring Van der Sar into the game. Unfortunately for us, the United keeper doesn’t retire until the end of the season – and I’m sure even then could probably save shots in his sleep.
The usual red mist descended on Rooney as he tried his best to save Ancelotti needing to make a half-time decision over Luiz but with our Brazilian defender still able to walk, Webb opted for a yellow. As it turned out, that buggered him up because when Ivanovic evened things out with Rooney’s ankle, he clearly didn’t have the nerve to pull out a card, much to Rooney’s annoyance. And we somehow went into the break with the side intact.
Surprisingly our right-back wasn’t culled during the break although slightly less surprising is that Luiz was – replaced by Alex. And whilst I’ll always welcome the arrival of Ramires, if I’m honest, the fact that it was in the place of Mikel rather than Essien was definitely a ‘what the fuck’ moment. Still, it hasn’t mattered all season what our Ghanaian has done – or rather hasn’t done – so I guess a massive game like this shouldn’t make any difference either. Oh and by the way, Evans came on for O’Shea.
Rooney, clearly still pissed off from the first half was doing his best to get Ivanovic a second yellow but if he’d been patient he’d have noticed Branna was doing perfectly well on his own on that score. Then something rather unusual happened, Frank Lampard, despite knowing Howard Webb was on the pitch decided to block Valencia’s cross with his hand (yes, Lampard had been on the pitch since the start for those who failed to notice). Was the handball so surprising? Not especially – but Webb failing to give the penalty was. Ball to hand? I think not.
Kalou embarrassed himself with a lightweight dive in the box under a Vidic challenge – and found himself subbed for Torres as punishment – Valencia didn’t suffer the same fate when he made a meal of a John Terry tackle. Second penalty missed? Possibly but platoon reconstructions never impress officials to be fair to Webb on that occasion.
Anyway, somehow or another, with Ramires (who by the way, was clearly the only player to have had 3 shredded wheat for breakfast), putting in a cross for Ivanovic to nod down, we found ourselves just the one goal behind when Lampard poked it home – and unlike Arsenal earlier, kept our heads long enough to not concede a third. Mind you, we didn’t score again either, so I should probably let go of those straws.
Overall then, completely agree with Ancelotti’s sentiments – we were the best side for the last couple of months but on the day, that honour went to the opposition and we went out of the title race with more of a playground slap than a fight. Gutted much? No, I thought I took it rather well really 🙂

UNITED: Van der Sar, Fabio Da Silva (Smalling, 90), Ferdinand, Vidic, O’Shea (Evans, 45),
Valencia, Carrick, Giggs, Park, Rooney, Hernandez.
Unused Subs: Kuszczak, Anderson, Berbatov, Nani, Scholes.
CHELSEA: Cech, Ivanovic, Terry, Luiz (Alex, 45), Cole, Mikel (Ramires, 45), Lampard, Essien, Kalou (Torres, 61), Drogba, Malouda.
Unused Subs: Turnbull, Benayoun, Ferreira, Anelka.

UNITED: Hernández 1, Vidic 23
CHELSEA: Lampard 68


10 Responses to “United 2-1 CHELSEA: Bowing Out Early”

  1. What chelsea need is a moden tatician bold enough 2make dificult changes in team.not an outdated caoch like anceloti.by the way is there any italian caoch exelling in modern day football.

  2. Personally I don’t know what Essien was doing on the field. I had been of the opinion that we needed Ramires most of all becuase of his strenght and speed to match Park. Well, hate to say I told you so but I told you so. Why do we always bottle it in the games that really matter and seemingly without a fight. That is the most annoying part, if we go down with a fight, I’m sure most people won’t mind but we just turn up and roll over to be tickled, over and over and over and over. Shame on us if a 37yr old midfielder and a 40yr old goal keeper can do us in.

  3. I think Alex came on and did pretty well, especially with a save from a rooney shot when the goal was open. kudos to him. I could have never imagined that of all people luiz would cost us so dearly in this game. according to me he was one of the main reasons we’ve performed so well for the past couple of months. i heard that he was a injured during training, didn’t know anything about that though. united deserved to win. I feel really bad saying it.

  4. Couldn’t agree more. I think There is no better time than now for the belated bringing of youth into regular play. I have great respect for our veterans but the reality is when they go we will have inexperienced replacements with no team chemistry unless they get involved into next seasons matches. There should be at least one reserve starting in every match next season with the replaced veteran on the bench. Make it rotational for each position. that way u got a youth player hungry to impress and a vet player on the bench wanting to prove why he should be on there in the next match. It may risk an even more stressful trophyless season, (if u can even imagine that possible) but it sets up the next decades legends. Also we need to replace the importer who took ray wilkins job, preferably with ray wilkins.

  5. Importer* Damn you auto correct..

  6. Third times a charm. Imposter*

  7. At least we are still in second place.


    Looks like £75m in January STILL wasn’t enough to take on the Mighty Reds!

    Enjoy watching Nemnja lift the trophy 2 weeks from now, see ya!

  9. I think the better team won the game, match and the title. We didnt deserve this year’s league to be honest because thats not a one off cup match but consistency over the season which United were. The number of times they have come back from 1 and 2 goal deficits this year is testament to their amazing belief in themselves and thats the hallmark of champions. I wish we had the same spirit and determination of their side. I hope Carlo stays next year and helps get our transition season.

    We need a new creative midfielder (not Kaka as he is fading) to replace Lampard and Ramires has to start every game from now on. Also lets use Alex as first choice CB as he is better than both Terry and Luiz and has wonderful free kicks in him too. Then lets play a 4-5-1 system with Torres as the spearhead with some creative midfielder playing off him. Thats the future for us and Lampard is finished and needs to be used sparingly from now on. As does Drogba. We have to sell Anelka, Bosingwa, Hilario, Malouda and get a new creative midfielder or most importantly a good winger like Valencia who literally tore through Ashley Cole that day…

  10. Guys, we are kidding ourselves if we think we are good enough to win ANYTHING ! Ancellotti has to go PLEASE ! Either bring Jose back or get a younger model (ZOLA ?) Also we need to offload some of the dross. Bosingwa is a twat, he cannot defend (have you ever seen him tackle anyone / NO) and he cannot cross a ball to save his life so what is he doing out there (I think he has his boots on the wrong feet !) Essien has been very poor and also (sorry to say) has Frankie. Drogs is actually over the hill and we should say a kind goodbye. Also Kalou should be made available for a Brain Donor Recipient (or shall I call him Forrest Gump) – Run Forrest Run ! Alex should be back with JT and Luiz should learn the offside trap (step up 1 second and we stay at 0-0 !) and move into the holding player in midfield ! – maybe I should be manager ! Offload Anelka also as he spends most of his time in midfield running in little circles and then crosses it to the centre forward (where he should be !)