Chelsea Transfer Ins And Outs

We might still be without a manager but that isn’t stopping our search for potential transfers according to most sources, so here’s a few to be going on with:

Sportsvibe run with Dalglish wanting Malouda

The Daily Mail tell us we’ve almost wrapped up Lukaku

Vital Chelsea take a look at Sneijder as a potential target reckon we’ve put in a new offer for De Bruyne

Whilst Insidefutbol say it’s Pastore we’re going back in for


12 Responses to “Chelsea Transfer Ins And Outs”

  1. Chelsea should not take kaka as a potential target,he will be a flop in EP,there are better upcoming skilful players target,the likes of Alexis,Lukaku,De Bruyne,Nzobia etc
    big names never done well for Chelsea

  2. I thnk we need sneja, modrc, neyma, lukaku, agero. Ofloud drogba, anieka, maluda, bosinwgua includ lampad let them go.

  3. i want chelsea 2 sign bojan because i admire they way he play his football

  4. r we still after thomas muller or better bastan schweinsteiger?

  5. all i want is success dats all.i luv chelsea nd whoeva day choose 2 buy shld b ready 2 play nd work 4 d team.up bluz

  6. Out mikel malouda anelka kalou fereira bosingwa zhirkov lampart
    In choose between riberi pastore aguero pato robben mata higuain hamsik Sneijder maikon the problem for chelsea is they dont have creative players only with this players can win champions league can win barchelona – real madrit the otherway they dont win champion league never.

  7. In i forget two other players cesk fabregas and alexis sanchez

  8. CFC shud forget Kaka. There are better younger players. McEcheran and Sturridge shud b given more play time. They will do better.

  9. Chelsea must get players who are in their early twenties, players who can stay for eight to ten years. Most players slow down after 30. Pastore at 21 or Modric at 25 would be the best option (though Pastore is over-priced). Sneijder at 26 isn’t bad, but is already at the wrong end of the twenties. All these are good play-makers. Then there is Chelsea’s main target Neymar who is only 19. Neymar is both a creative striker and a creative midfielder. He often attacks from the left wing, but can play in any position across the field. In fact he often swaps sides just to confuse the opposition. This means he could replace Malouda, Anelka, Kalou or even Lampard. He is good at breaking down defences, and providing perfectly weighted through-balls. He could work well with Torres or Drogba. He is always confident, something Chelsea often lacks, and an extremely exciting player to watch.

  10. Chelsea should be look for this players kaka Welsey snie lukaku and we need a right winger some one like walcott but not him there is one player the that stay at bench in barca the player that winger i forget his name some one like that should be buoght and sell out Nicoles Drogba Essien Bosingwa and Maluoda and we play 4 3 3 formation Cech ivanovic Terry luiz A cole wesley lampard kaka the boy from barca Torres lukaku and we are gana be unstopable next session up blues

  11. I dont understand why Chelsea goes out for talent when a lot of proven Epl players might be available that too at lower price….why r they not bidding for young, downing, nasri, charlie adams ???
    These players are in form and will take no time in adjustments as compared to foreign recruits who might not just settle in epl or might take too long ….

  12. As far as I’m concerned, Drogba should go. Hez been our best striker, no doubt, but his presence has killed many strikers in Chelsea – Shevy, Kezman, Crespo, Pizzaro and now Torres. Only Anelka excelled a little wit Drogba. Hez time for him to go. Any oda transfer, I’m indifferent but Drogba, u’ve really served us. Thank u