Chelsea Sending Players On Loan ‘To Get Them Out Of Their Hair’?

Y’know, I have real issues when players leave the club then start saying stuff about us that seems derogatory but in Scott Sinclair’s case, as much as I’d love to defend us – I can’t.

Sinclair is one of those players who looked to have the potential to hang around and who knows, maybe if he hadn’t come away with a broken foot after a tangle with Wes Brown, he might have fulfilled that potential.  As it is though, the injury set him back and it wasn’t to be.

He settled in well at Swansea though and with them now in the Premier League, Scott Sinclair will come face to face with his former team-mates again this season.

Does he long for what might have been when he sees the likes of Josh McEachran threatening to push into the first team? Not particularly, because Sinclair says “I think Chelsea let their players go on loan just to get them out of their hair, rather than give them experience so they`re ready to come back and push for a first team place.  It`s going to be difficult for any young player, no matter how good, to break into the team.”

Anyone think that’s a point worth arguing?


9 Responses to “Chelsea Sending Players On Loan ‘To Get Them Out Of Their Hair’?”

  1. now lets get modric

  2. He has a point, but also misses it slightly. Young players need to gain first team experience so they can step up to the plate when they are ready.
    It would be more damaging for some players to be thrown in at the deep end and then struggle because the step up is too much for them.
    So where will they get first team experience if it isn’t by going out on loan?

  3. Scott is a wonderful footballer, and I won’t argue with him, he’s saying it as it is.

  4. if the last 6 years is anythin 2 go by clair is right . I mean take a look at stoch’s situation. went on loan and was magnificent was one of the best in dutch league that year, only to come back n be sold 4 peanut.

  5. Maybe he should talk about ivanovich or the now expected josh. If he is damn so good, no one will sell him. He should just shut his fcuk up! The only regret i had was selling stoch. Fuckie for chelsea on that!

  6. Another thing the ‘walkie talkie’ should knw is that this is the premier league, no one wanna waste a position jst to see you develop. If you can’t do that from the reserves or while on loan, then u can’t be trusted. For fcuk’s sake we aint arsenal! There aint time to test run, we need the best so scram! Barca can’t even tell me they can test players and wait to develop. Madrid’s gonna kill ’em!

  7. Chelsea youth verses Chelsea experience: McEachran, Sturridge and Van Aanholt are the only youngsters that are ready for regular first team involvement. But even they need to be brought in cautiously. It will be a mistake to rely on the slow and experienced players just as it will be to rely on the agile and inexperienced ones. Chelsea must bring in a few young players who are ready-made, as they did with Ramires and David Luiz. Modric is such a player, but one or two more are needed. Real wingers are missing, and Chelsea’s right back position (Bosingwa/Ferriera) remains our weakest position. I agree that a complete team overhaul is unnecessary, but I think the ones I have labelled are important if Chelsea hope to deal with the likes of Man Utd and Barcelona.

  8. I think it’s a point worth arguing.

    Chelsea does have a tendency to send youngsters out to loan, or to sell them and hence that may give people the impression that it’s hard to break into the Chelsea main team. However, do consider that the main Chelsea spine is comprised of a generation’s worth of good, top class players, who’ve won many titles and trophies together. Even if Chelsea were to try to bring youngsters into the main team, the question of how to do it becomes boggling.

    Chelsea wants to win – and hence, putting players of proven quality or synergy becomes very important. This means that but for the few throwaway matches, it’s not likely that any youngsters can be thrown in. Are youngsters willing to wait, and wait, and wait for these matches to come along?

    Even if these matches do come along, the next question is can the youngsters match up? They’ve been kept pretty much out of action for the longest while, do remember that, as they simply have no chance to play. Football is a sport – the more you play, the better the chance of you getting better, developing a better sense of the game, etc. Can we expect to develop our youngsters properly by keeping them in the freezer, placing them out in the open once in a blue moon to defrost, then throwing them back in again?

    If you look at Chelsea’s loan record – the teams they send players to are not random teams that would suggest that they want to get the youngsters out of their hair. I personally think that Chelsea wants the youngsters to develop in these clubs; to be able to play, get more experience, and then to come back and genuinely become an option for the team; to grow the fangs and claws necessary to fight for a first team squad; and to improve the team by adding on weapons.

    If every youngster thinks like dearie ol’ Scottie, then no wonder our youth system has been failing. As many have said – we’re not Arsenal; being in our youth squad doesn’t guarantee a place in our main squad, period. You work your bum off, make sure you got something to add, and when the time is right you will be given the chance. Fuck if you think you’re entitled to wear the blue jersey and play at Stamford Bridge just cuz you were scouted as a youngster.

  9. Gary, in Ivanovic we have a player chosen to be the best right back in Premier League the last two years, and a Bosingwa in top form is almost as good. So I don’t think it’s a fair assesment that, that is our weakest position.