Decent Deal For Zhirkov?

WithYuri Zhirkov travelling to Russia whilst the rest of the squad come back home, it didn’t take a genius to suss he wouldn’t be gracing Stamford Bridge this season did it?

The suggestion is that he’ll be joining Anzhi Makhachkala on a four year deal and Anzhi defender Rasim Tagirbekov says “Yuri is a great player. Everybody in the team is very glad that he will join our club.  This transfer will strengthen Anzhi a lot. Zhirkov has already managed to talk to the team’s head coach Gadzhi Gadzhiev and practically all the players.”

To be fair, he’s never really been a part of our starting XI and if we’re going to get somewhere in the region of £13m for him we can’t complain.  So let’s just wish him luck eh?

By the way – isn’t our squad getting smaller again?


4 Responses to “Decent Deal For Zhirkov?”

  1. Good luck Yuri, and yes 13mil aint a bad deal at all and it leaves me feeling more positive that we have some players to come in. even though he was a defender, he played mainly in the mid for us and that is certainly one area we couldnt afford to lose any creative players, without one or 2 coming in.

  2. one of the worst decisions evr made….y not sell that selfish old malouda he doent score n wen he does it nevr is a game wining goal…rarely tries to assist unless here is no other option thn passin the ball….when he scores its 1/20 chances or so,wastes so many chances n doesnt let sm1 els score…zhirkov is perfect leftbak aswel as a better LM he ws jst nvr givn chanc to express himself…kept on bench evn when malouda was playin nowher near gud…im startin to hate the management….poor boy..all the very best if he leaves..god bless u..ruined hs career wit chelsea…now i understan why no youngsters like joining us…true blue bt startin to hate my own club…

  3. Zhirkov’s possible departure raises questions about who to keep and who to release. Key to this decision is Chelsea’s youth verses experience debate. Some people have suggested that it’s time to trust our existing crop of young players. I think McEachran, Sturridge and Van Aanholt are the only youngsters that are ready for regular first team involvement. But even they need to be brought in cautiously. It will be a mistake to rely on the slow and experienced players just as it will be to rely on the agile and inexperienced ones. Chelsea must bring in a few young players who are ready-made, as they did with Ramires and David Luiz. Modric is such a player, but one or two more are needed. Real wingers are missing, and Chelsea’s right back position (Bosingwa/Ferriera) remains our weakest area. I agree that a complete team overhaul is unnecessary, but I think the ones I have labelled are important if Chelsea hope to deal with the likes of Man Utd and Barcelona.

  4. Good bit of business if you ask me 13 million for a squad player, Malouda is a better all round player and was our top scorer last season with 16 goals, not bad for a midfielder. Zhirkov came to Chelsea to challenge Ashley Cole and was pushed further up field as he couldn’t make the LB spot his own, plus now with the emergence of both Van Aanholt and Bertrand, he is deemed surplus to requirements. I personally think the future is looking very rosy indeed, if we can get a work permit for Rajkovic, we’ll have some excellent youth prospects pushing for first team starts – McEachren, Sturridge, Van Aanholt, Rajkovic and Bertrand. We should also be looking for Kakuta to make the step up this season as he’s drifted away of late. Plus we have Courtois, Delac, Kalas, Lalkovic, Piazon (coming in January) who looks class for 16 and we have the nucleus of a very good squad for years to come.

    I still think however we need to sell, Anelka, Kalou and Ferreira – plus Alex looks to be on his way soon as well.

    To replace these i’d look to bring in Van Der Wiel (to challenge Bosingwa), Modric, 1 of Hazard/Pato/Mata, Lukaku and De Bruyne, (look at his you tube video’s and you’ll see why.

    It seems that we are struggling to bring players in because of the limits on the size of your squad, so looks like any new additions will be coupled with player going through the exit door.

    My squad for next season would be. numbers relate to non homegrown players

    Cech (1), Turnball (HG), Hilario (2), Terry (HG), Cole (HG), Bosingwa (3), Van Der Wiel (4), Van Aanholt (U21), Luiz (5), Ivanovic (6), Rajkovic (7), Mikel (8), Romeu (U21), Lampard (HG), McEachren (HG/U21), Modric (9), Pato (10), De Bruyne (U21), Ramires (11), Malouda (12), Drogba (13), Torres (14), Sturridge (HG) Lukaku (U21) Essien when fit (15)

    I firmly believe if we can do the business and end up with a squad similar to that above, we would have an excellent mix of youth and experience in all the right places with a solid backline, decent cover in the holding midfield role, creativity from midfield, pace on the wings and options up top. which I think is a far cry of the last few seasons, where we seemed to be only capable of playing one way.